Float, Frenzy and Ferry are the words this time around. Thank you STJ  🙂


Remember the days
our computer screens
were two banks
of the same river.

remember the days
we’d cover
several nautical miles
of our eyes’ moisture,
ferrying across IPs
in the blink of a cursor;

the days our hearts
would float
on the fiery waves,
thumping in frenzy,
against the shoreline.

Now when the waters
are almost dried
and cursors are abound,
I still venture across
only to be told
‘the person does not exist’

Serendipity. Serenade. See. Seduce

I requested Samira to help me write something with prompts. She was kind enough to respond with the titled words that I tried to build an idea upon, notwithstanding it coming out rough and very raw but I could be forgiven for one can rarely be fluent after taking such long intervals of inactivity in writing.

Life barely walked,

in the desert veins,

trudging along the travails

till it reached the sweet serendipity

of an oasis –

heart –

soaked in the monsoon

of your thoughts;

sedate, a touch shade

your eyes.

The beats played a serenade

as though to lure you back.

See, how rich is this abode,

seducing the red in veins

to mix in your lips.

An Exercise III

Here the theme is Parallax with I having all the liberty in the world to use whatever words I can. But all I am able to conjure are these ordinary lines below. I’ve promised to myself to try out the theme with some other interpretation, but for now I have all it is.

what was the point, then
to lionize

my pale,frail,filthy frame

to that of a man
for all the seasons
of love

when you gazed upon me
from a point of no return
through the scarlet
shades of what
ran in your veins,

only to distance to
a place where all
that were sought were
golden returns,
by investing sentiments.

Distances sure make
one require lenses to see;
gilded in your case.

An Exercise II

The theme is Mirror(s) and the words to use are Stall(ed), Plaque, Grille, Stellate, Scar and Daylight. The concept is rather tricky for me to keep a consistency with especially to incorporate in it the mentioned words but I shouldn’t whine as long as it helps me un-knot my mind. So here’s the attempt I came up with. Your suggestions are welcomed.

There’s no complexity here;
we’re no more than a few animates
and a handful of cosmic granules
juxtaposed in the recurrence
of eternal themes,
manipulated by the shades
of divine incandescence.

The Sun tries in vain
to whitewash its pain
in broad daylight that is
imprinted in scars
on the countenance of Moon.

There have always been men
having stellates in their chests
whose glow show paths
to many a lost tribe.

My father fixed his eyes
in those of the eternity
but the dusk drank up the light.
Now I’m transfixed to the plaque
of his memories
as I stare deep
into the looking-glass of time.

Its been the same fire
grilling us forever.
You’ve stalled to admit,
but I know it all;
we’re blind yet we can see
ourselves through the eyes
of Farhad and Shireen.

An Exercise

Cav is generous in help and I’m indebted for his gesture. He gave me a theme of ‘memory’ with words like ‘grove’ ‘midgets/midges’ ‘tingle’ ‘dusk’ and ‘window’ to be used in the development of a concept. I tried it abliet with a frozen mind resisting to unshackle and came up with a raw, rushed up (I wasn’t hastened, though) story. Here it is. It will be shaped, reshaped and even written off, in light of you people’s suggestions.

Sitting poles apart

in his cozy room

he would crave to be

a part of the scence

when he’d watch

on his tv screen,

the glistening Himalayan peaks

kissing the Indus-blue cheeks

of the sky that would blush

into all the possible hues.

As if a speck of a mettle

enchanted towards a gigantic magnet

he found himself moving

towards the mountaneous range.

Standing at the feet

of the Nanga Purbut

he was a midget

filled with the naivete

to surmount love.

Pinching the body

of the slumbering beast

he crawled up

unaware of the pitfalls

waiting under the sheets

of white snow.

The arrival of dusk

emboldened the air

that lanced through

his mountaineering gear

as he was tingled

before being gobbled

by a cavernous hole.

It all happened in a trice;

his body writhed like a fish

in protest of decption,

his heart blissed out

and froze like that

of the beloved

and his mind rolled

in a backward motion

showing him the glimpse

of his wife sitting across

the window pane

staring deep at the

grove where they’d play

hide and seek.