Thanks For Not Loving Me …

Not getting
the reciprocal love
could also be
a blessing;

I can’t thank you much,
for, how would I’ve resisted
the pull of your quagmired
affection, had you shown some?
And I’d have lost
to you, all my worth;
the concern I owe
to a world dying
below the poverty line
of love.

Though its hard to tame
a fretful heart
craving to taste
what it gave.

Yet, the pain of
your separation
doesn’t kill, as such,
hence ..
I can’t thank you much …

In The Grips Of Fate

Gripped in the divine

fingers of fate

the heart moves

with every twist

and the beliefs

residing in it are

often intermingled.

After each a little

shake, I sit to segregate

the jumble of thoughts,

puzzled to recognize

one from the other.

Just when the arrangement

is completed, here comes

another swirl.