Thank you ‘Us’ …

Thank you ‘Us’ .. You made my day!  🙂


In Print ..

Amid the days when things aren’t that great, I’m happy for this

On another note, this couplet of Hasrat Moohani is visiting my brain quite regularly;

kat gayee ehtiat-e-ishq may umr,

hum say izhar-e-muda’a na huwa!

It surely encourages ..

Its always encouraging to see one’s name in print against something and that too in a leading youth magazine like Us.

This time around, it helped me boast a bit, in front of an eternally unimpressed family members who surprisingly encouraged me too to continue with the ‘non-sense’ I write on and off, as they said. 😦


In Print..

This poem was published in yesterdays issue of The News’ Us magazine.

Am happy for the poem to be circulated throughout the country via print 🙂



It feels good to be acknowledged and published in a lovely magazine like Us

I’m having a fortunate run of late in terms of being considered for publications. It surely will boost my confidence to write better.

Hope they will be as supportive as they are!


Thank you ‘Us’!

I’m elated for this.

So very thanks, the editors of ‘Us’!


Poem Published

A random visit here made my day when it gave me the pleasure of a published poem against my name. So very thanx, the editors of US and all my kind visitors who encourage me to write and express. My heartfelt thanx to Kashkin, Nadeen, Ayesha, MZ, Goonga, Shobig, Quin, Nadia, Raheel, UTP and the buddies at desiwriters who’ve commented on and off on the stuff I present here and in a few other forums. Hope you will continue to be with me in this journey of self exploration and improvement.

Go well!