A momentary lapse

You whispered the incantation
in the domes of my cobwebbed ears
and I woke in the earthen bed
as though from an afternoon nap.

Death was but a soothing escape
from the bane of your indifference–
the momentary lapse you had
in strumming the strings of my soul.

The Heart Spilled

It was succulent
with red, luscious blood
as it fruited
on a stalk of love, rooted
in the very soil
I’ve been molded from.

It waited to be plucked
and savored,
but a stone of indifference
burst it into a spill
of scarlet pain
which absorbed
into the very soil
I’ve been molded from.

Union Of Souls

Our longing gravitates
as much as the separation
widens and our souls
step out of their shells
to meet in the celestial heights.

Entwined in ecstatic trance
they satiate with the purity of bliss
before a glance at our parted bodies
stimulates their altruism for the grieved.

Our souls re-enter
their momentary abodes and
sprinkle the magic they hold
to soothe our craving bodies
until they themselves lose
their essence.

And the urge to rejuvenate
takes them by the hand
for another embrace.

A Hurting Departure..

132883178_c00a26b0dcIt was fine then; when
your separation octopused
my soul and devoured
it calmly, stealthily.

Now, the departure of
your thoughts is hurting
the very place, which
placed them for eternity.

Do me a favor, if you can!
Tell them not to shout, not
to mock at the hollow
they forsake; tell them
leave it quietly to
a natural crumble,
brick by brick
to the ground!

Photo Courtesy: http://www.flickr.com


The difficulty of hiding

A treasure was revealed

last night, when a thief

tried to steal from the

riches I keep inside

my chest, waking my

eyes from the dreams

of merry-making in the

synthesis of love.

My chase yielded in

the gateways of a soul,

I stole all my wealth from.

Now, I’ll let the love

gleam through my eyes.

No one to hide it from.

We both are the culprits.