Float, Frenzy and Ferry are the words this time around. Thank you STJ  🙂


Remember the days
our computer screens
were two banks
of the same river.

remember the days
we’d cover
several nautical miles
of our eyes’ moisture,
ferrying across IPs
in the blink of a cursor;

the days our hearts
would float
on the fiery waves,
thumping in frenzy,
against the shoreline.

Now when the waters
are almost dried
and cursors are abound,
I still venture across
only to be told
‘the person does not exist’


All these poems are futile

if they don’t glitter

on the night sky of your lashes;

if they don’t glow

in the daybreak of a smile


Nights are eerily strange these days, the dark just doesn’t sit in. It hovers above like a vulture looking for prey. But I cannot feed it. Dreams do not die anymore; they do not exist. I can’t figure out the strangeness of it all; the dark, my erstwhile refuge refuses to sit by me, to wrap me in its fold. It rather lurches to peck me for something I do not have. 


I don’t like life to be slotted into calenders; they are unwanted burden with all the failures and regrets. I want life to be flowing like a river, not stopping at the boulders blocking its path, not thinking twice but rushing to quench the thirst of barren lands.

Come, Relieve me!

So we are over the profusely humid pashakal, sawan, barsat or monsoon of the current season. I cannot recall the mid of an Islamabad summer to be as hot and humid as this one proved to be. I lost a few kilos in sweat, the hard gathered weight that I’ve been trying to accumulate through rigours in the gym of late. But I’m relieved since the breeze has started to blow cooler, taking with it the mid summer suffocation.

Suffocation I wish, was an accessory associated only to a weather condition; it broods in one’s mind too!. I hope for a similar breeze to caress through the corridors of my mind, for the cobwebs are densening.