Islamabad Calling

It’s been a while since I’ve last had some food for thought and there’s an obvious hunger inside my soul. Never did I know that there would be such a drought of inspiration in the city I moved into, where people are barren lands. Yes, it isn’t wise to blame your surrounds for personal exasperations but there is definitely some truth behind the philosophy of people exuding vibes – good or bad. Yet I long for the literal green pastures of Islamabad and the company of good friends, colleagues and mentors whose presence would keep my spirits high during times when uncertainties made their way into my thought processes.

Now again is the time to fix my gaze to the same green pastures and wait for the miracle of the law of attraction – who knows if I find my lost connection. InshaAllah I will.

Random Crap ..

Yes, its so very right. You just can’t sit islolated from the flow. Be part of it or you’ll be left alone to rot. Throw your dated ideals to the heap of others, garbaged over the course of history. Just shut the doors of your heart! Let the brain do the talking! Don’t be an oblivious fool! Be counted! Be seen rather than being imagined! Don’t be hell bent to learn but to learn how to earn! For that counts in the calculations of a practical world. Act or be prepared to be trampled on! Understand, you foolish moron!