You Hid I Seek ..

Call it prose, or a prose poem but it is rough for sure. Its more or less sort of a forced vent which had to be written and posted just for the sake of pouring out a random idea that lurked in my mind for a few days. Hope it isn’t offensive to those who expect better quality stuff from me.

When you hid behind a thick oak tree

in a childhood game of hide and seek,

that we played one dark eventide,

I never knew I’ll be rendered blind-folded

to grope for your touch for a lifetime to come.

You were abducted by time that plunders

in the ripe environs of swelling nights

as I bumped onto objects, muted and dumb,

hurting my heart which bled

leaving behind a trail of red

through the journey of passing years.

The map of my life is reminiscent to

the colors of the day of Valentine

which reminds me of the little

game of hide and seek that

we so fondly played in our childhood.

Rainy seasons

How poignant they are!
The tiny drops of rain,
Pouring in unison,
Waking the slumbering pain.

Drops of rain in the olden days,
Sang the songs of our merry souls,
Now they appear mourners,
Of our dreary hearts to console.

Walking lonsome in the woods,
I trace those rainy seasons,
Finding them gone with the winds,
I make my own rainy seasons.