Writing Melancholy

When the ferocity of pain

pierces the bounds of reason,

gushing in to the realms

of my mind,

and floods the corridors

of my heart;

when it rises up the levels

of strangulating heights

and just when I’m about

to drown in its tides,

I hold on to my pen

which inks the excessive

water, shaping it

to words and phrases.

Thus I’m unburdened

but the brazen words

never cease to invoke

sympathy, as though

the pain was maltreated.


Pride And Pain

In the heat of a battle,

a sniper never knows,

the wounds taken

but the targets floored,

as pride bandages

the agony.

When hearts collide,

a lover places pain

over ego; an untamed

ego could smother

the heat of love.

Underneath The Quagmires

The pair of black enchantments

that you have put on your face

have trapped many a stray gaze,

entered there in those realms of haze.

In their tangling embrace

I too have surrendered my fate,

sensing a panacean lake,

somewhere in your heart’s lap,

wherein lies the cure

of a life I had to endure

in a protracted past.


The heart craves while the mind’s dead

The memory lane of my mind,

with all the extensions to eternity,

is blocked by a variety of reasons

and the gloom rules in its entirety.

Caught in the abyss, I grope for a clue

which could lead me at least to a glimpse;

a slightest of your smiles that you so lavishly

gave, or any of your tears; the little jewels

that I used to collect in my palm.

My woes it seems are willfully increased

by a contemptuous Fate, when it decided

to leave my heart untamed.