Nursery rhymes? Aren’t they fun!

Its been ages since I last tried something to rhyme. As most the people I came across in a few writing forums loath rhyming and rightly so for rhyming could so conveniently affect the thought behind an idea; the thought being the soul in a write up or poem for that matter. Yet, there are some schools of thought who love to keep the tradition of rhyming alive. I heard from someone an interesting analogy of exemplifying the context to that of tea and a cup; the tea being the thought or idea of a write up and the cup being the structure or form. Now some prefer the chai to be strong enough to sooth their senses while their certainly are others attracted by the colors and structure of the mug containing it.

Below here is my effort to rhyme a few lines for fun. The critics surely will call them forced rhymes which in fact they are but what I wanted was to play with those words the way I haven’t played for quite some time.

Your whispers like a flowing rhyme

sound as if the bells chime

in the crypt of a slumbering time

with an an effect, purely sublime


Your eyes, like goblets of wine

are made to quench a thirst only mine.

In the dark of life, like a guide divine,

keeping me on track, do they shine.


Growing doubts in your brain

will only help our love to wane,

and I can’t bear such a pain,

for I’ll hardly remain sane.


Placing on this heart, the sill

of your separation is a pill

bitter than hemlock; better

you asked me, myself to kill

Mauth Aayee Tau So Laingay!

Jeewan Zehr Bhara Sagar

Kab Tak Amrit Gholaingay

Neend Tau Kya Aayaigi Faraz!

Mauth Aayee Tau So Laingay!

Ahmad Faraz slept the eternal sleep last night at Shifa International Hospital Islamabad where he was being treated for a plethora of ailments. Words turn meaningless to describe the stature of a personality like Faraz who himself was a master knowing how to use words to mesmerize the world. One of the greatest romantic poets of all time, Faraz is no more with us.

May his soul rest in peace!


I’m extremely entrhralled to see a published translated poem against my name in the latest edition of The Pakistan Acadamy Of Letters’ english literary journal Pakistani Literature”.

This special issue of the journal is based on the literary contributions of Pakistani women writers. One of my translations of the poems of a female pushto poet ‘Hasina Gul’ is graciously being put on the journal by the kind editors. I’ve also been sent a payment check of recognition with an amount, the secret the better. Neverthless I’m over the moon! and why shouldn’t I, for this is my first ever publication of sorts. Hope, they’ll be as encouraging as they’ve proved to be.
Here’s the translated poem;


Gaze fixed,
Upon my face,
He talks to me in a manner,
So candid,
Enthusiastic about my thoughts,
And my art,
He reserves a special praise,
For all my beautiful poems,
A contrast resides in the debonair’s life,
Hard to negate,
So, sometimes when, without a reason,
I dial a call to that person,
The handsome,
Who is it talking,
He asks, in a tone,
So strange!
After exchanging,
Such pleasantries.