Islamabad Calling

It’s been a while since I’ve last had some food for thought and there’s an obvious hunger inside my soul. Never did I know that there would be such a drought of inspiration in the city I moved into, where people are barren lands. Yes, it isn’t wise to blame your surrounds for personal exasperations but there is definitely some truth behind the philosophy of people exuding vibes – good or bad. Yet I long for the literal green pastures of Islamabad and the company of good friends, colleagues and mentors whose presence would keep my spirits high during times when uncertainties made their way into my thought processes.

Now again is the time to fix my gaze to the same green pastures and wait for the miracle of the law of attraction – who knows if I find my lost connection. InshaAllah I will.

The Rain Romance

Islamabad is having the first prolonged downpour of the current monsoon which remained largely dry to frustrate the expectations of respite from a blistering hot summer with unprecedented electricity cut offs.

Such a late arrival of the much needed rain is bound to bring gratitude and bliss. The clouds were ripe right from the last night and one couldn’t wait for the wine to be squeezed by the divine hands. The mild tipper-tapper like the whisper of the beloved woke me early this morning and it wasn’t long before we embraced in a hug of love.

The pouring rain fills a vast chunk in the largely bereft world of my romance; it melts my heart in to a deluge of emotions. I feel as if there is no worry in the world but love. As if a beautiful guest is visiting me. I cannot recall the first sight of my love; it has been all along with me, in me. I remember how in my boyhood I’d use ride on the bicycle in the pouring rain, roaming the streets of my little town and coming back home excitedly drenched.

Today is such a day. A day to celebrate. A reminder that life is not all dull and dour. That nature is there to soothe or sorrows and give us the gift of rain.


The Dawn Of Your Thoughts

On a wintry Islamabad

eventide, the clarity of

my mind was fogged

by the gloom, lurking

in the horizon

all the day long,

wary of the mighty sun,

waiting for it to depart.

Amid the rule of dark,

the golden countenance

of your thoughts

burst like a dawn,

splashed through

the curtains of

my numbed vision,

and the future looked

as resplendant

as an ever-lasting morn.


Eid-ul-fitr is just around the corner. The capital city of Pakistan is fast being deserted by people having connections to different parts of the country. I too am preparing to leave for my home; the allure of having an iftari or two at home is the primary reason for me to take an extra day off before the officially announced holidays.

I’d like to wish a very happy Eid Mubarak to all of you, in advance.

May you all bask in the blessings of a rewarding Eid!

May this Eid bring an end to the sufferings of our fellow Pakistanis through the war of terror! May this Eid be an omen of a smiling and peaceful Pakistan! Amen!

Summer Eventides

No matter how soaring the temperatures might get in the morning, I just love the summer evenings. The soothing shades extended by a dying sun hold a perfect lure for people to come out and take some sighs of relief from the scorching sun beams. I too am frequently stimulated by such a lure which I gladly accept as well courtesy my inclination to breath in open airs.

These days I’m loving my evening routine when I prefer to walk back hostel from job; a walk of about half an hour. On my way I come across children enjoying themselves playing cricket in the wider lanes of I-8 which constantly reminds me of our carefree childhood when cricket used to be the most important thing in our lives. A little more further a couple of caged pet dogs sitting in front of a house start growling and barking as if I have done them an enormous wrong. I wave at them happy with the thought that they are leashed. Going past the play ground I silently admire a good save by a hockey goal keeper practicing his skills, or a tiny football player showing some good dodging techniques. Next comes the market place where a bakery serves spicy cholay samosas quite hard to resist. Enjoying a plate of samosa or chat I share a good laugh with one of the workers who happens to be a very pleasant talker except when he calls me khan saab. The remaining distance of 10 or so minutes is spent in a bit of a self meditation as I discuss lots with me; the best friend of mine. I forgot to mention the company of the mild evening breeze which is showing quite permanently these days hearing my talk and whispering the songs of nature and beauty into my ears. My euphoria ends when I reach my blacked out room hit by the nuisance of load shedding.

Lake View Park

The playful breeze
holding the reins of
tides either loosened
or pulled the strings

The pure white seagulls
dotted the all gray
waterscape, fluttering
and inviting sights

A boat with a resolve,
wrestled the might
of waves to
reach the shore

Somewhere a flute,
exhaled tunes
of Heer Waris Shah

The heart felt
a tinge of grief
looking at the waters
swallowing the
whole sun