The shoulder

of my muse

is colder

than the ice

in south

and northern poles


A momentary lapse

You whispered the incantation
in the domes of my cobwebbed ears
and I woke in the earthen bed
as though from an afternoon nap.

Death was but a soothing escape
from the bane of your indifference–
the momentary lapse you had
in strumming the strings of my soul.


Of all the great definitions of life brought up by many a great mind, the one that truly manifests it is short like the life itself which says, ‘it ends’. However, the enormity of trials and tribulations one suffers makes one wonder as to how come they fit into the tiniest of times an average human is allowed to spend here.

Domestic worker Shazia lived a small chunk of an average human life but the marks on her tortured body revealed an agony well beyond her 13 years.

We are largely a race of myopic merry makers, blissful in our escapism, tut-tutting phrases like, ‘life is an ice-cream; enjoy it before it melts’