It has never been a case with me — such protraction of a phase of boredom. The current one has really stretched from days to weeks to months and I don’t know where it intends to go from here dragging me along. When I retrospect, I find some missing links, the fading glimpse of a galaxy I used to enkindle my being from. The realization is, that I lost my inspiration and I badly need some to turn this tide of nothingness.

I wish to reconnect with the people whose presence meant colors when things became dull like they are.

Foes And Friends

I chose to be my foe

when I stepped in

the quagmire of your eyes

which pulled me like

a dear friend into

its shadowy oasis

from the scorching heat

of reality, placing me

in the comforts of

your heart for eternity.


It was two years back, on September 26th, 2006 to be precise when I entered in this fascinating world of internet blogging courtesy following a link of my chowk buddy Farhan a.k.a Azure’s blog (can’t provide you the link coz he deleted his blog, an act described by some as a web-sucide).

Initially it was sort of a diverse blog with posts ranging from the description of random thoughts to political commentaries to cricket related stuff and occasional poems. Now it seems inclined more to a poetic side; a representation of the moods I’ve been carrying all along. The promotion of Pakistani positivity was one of the foremost reasons for me to start this blog; the number of patriotic posts here might be less but still …

Apart from being a source of presenting MY WORLD to the world, this blog’s helped me come across some very nice people and a few of them turned to be really good friends later. The affect of blogging on my life has been phenomenal. It has definetly boosted my creative instincts, whatever I have.

Thank you all the wothy visitors of this blog for your presence and feedback every now and then! I might not have continued the journey in the absence of your listening ears (reading eyes?) 🙂 .. Hope together we will continue to strive for goodness!