The Songs Of Silence

The symphony of your soul
harmonized with the beats
of my heart
in a melodious tune,
which nature composed,
echoed in ourselves

but the orchestra faded
in the rising clamor of a
scornful throng – they feared
music may enchant us
to the forbidden tracts of love.

We laughed at their naivete
as we sailed above the reach
of their graveling din
to share the songs of our silence
and meet in an eternal embrace.

Craving For Eternity

Having lost all

my dreams

and more than half

my ambitious youth,

I’ve just recognized

time to be a brigand,

intent on stealing


There is no point

walking hand in hand

with a creature devouring

you bit by bit.

I crave for

a shelter in the

safer hands of eternity

to preserve my

remaining self.