The Fabulous Blog Award

How could a one dimensional blog be fabulous? Its not I know, but since Ayesha considered me for the honor of this award, I’d take it gladly. Here it is …


Rules of the Award:

* List five current obsessions.

* Pass the award on to five more fabulous blogs.

* On your post of receiving this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link it back to them.

* When you post your five winners, make sure you link them as well.

* Don’t forget to let your winners know they won an award from you by leaving a comment on their blog.

I’m obsessed with;

Internet: I’ve always been. Its been an immense outlet for an introvert like mine who’s never been consistent in socializing with people in the real physical world. Its role has been immense in shaping my thoughts, stimulating my creative instincts and introducing me to a world I might have never seen without it.

Reading/Writing: I’m frustrated when I don’t find good chunks of time to read books and when I do, I feel very satisfied, very much delighted. I’m very fortunate to breathe in between bouts of killing suffocation when I’m able to write my mind. If I’m asked about the meaning of pure bliss, I won’t hesitate to call it flowing, flawless writing. Yes, I’m talking about poetic expression 🙂

Cricket: I’ve mentioned it a few times on this blog, I’m in love with the game of cricket. I follow it enthusiastically; I wish I had a career in cricket but wishes won’t do it coz I betrayed my dreams back in boyhood not to resist my brother who clipped my cricketing wings after the college days.

Vital Signs/JJ: They might be a thing of the past but here is a huge huge fan of em. I’m crazy about the music they produced. I know of almost all the songs they sung. I can’t see anyone surpassing the stature of Junaid Jamshed as a lead singer persona. His vocals had an enchanting feel to it. I like to hum JJ’s songs in solitude.

My nieces and nephew: I wonder what would have attracted me to mardan more, had they not been there. My little children maheen, 5, abeera, 3 and zunaira, 3 are my friends and Hasnain, 4 holds his toy pistol at me like I’m his old time nemesis. I love em all!

Now I’m going to hand the award to;

Alhamdolillah, Aarzoo, Spotlesssoul, Azure, Forsaker

Pakistan’s Campaign In World T20

They were beaten badly by the South Africans in their first warm up game of the tournament but worst was to come later when they were trounced by the Indians in front of a packed Lords stadium, a match that was more than a warm up, a precursor to their further troubles against a desperate English team in their first match of the World Twenty20. Pakistan lost in a shambolic manner in a worst display of rusty batting, erratic bowling and a performance of fielding, the less mentioned the better.

They entered into yesterday’s match against the Netherlands with lots at stake; the aspirations of their supporters in millions, their credibility to prove themselves one of the better cricketing nations and most importantly their survival in the very tournament they were playing to move to the Super Eights in face of the challenge of a passionate Dutch side who had tasted the blood of success by catching England unawares in their first encounter. Pakistan weren’t to succumb, though. They played with a purpose and it showed when they posted a challenging total of 175 with all the senior players like Kamran Akmal, Younis Khan, Shoaib Malik and Misbah playing responsible knocks. But it was Shahid Afridi who tied the Dutch into knots and they never managed to find a clue. Saeed Ajmal and Shoaib Malik bowled well too, supported by a surprisingly good glovework by Kamran Akmal to take Pakistan through to the next phase.

The contentious statement of the Pakistan captain Younis Khan that ‘Twenty20 cricket is more for fun than serious business even if is international cricket’ in the wake of their loss to England raised a few eyebrows in the cricketing circles, didn’t prove that bothersome last night when the Pakistani team brought a few smiles to the sad faces of the Pakistani masses. We just hope the fun continuous . It is very much needed in todays Pakistan.

My sources of pleasure!

This ‘tagging’ thing is very much ‘In’ in the blogsphere these days. Our fellow blogger Ayesha was tagged to describe at least three things that please her. After an impressive description of hers, she handed me the task to reveal mine.

While I do like gadgets for serving the purpose of our necessity, it can’t match the bliss I take in;

1) The Company Of My Little Nieces: Maheen 4, Abeera 2, and Zunaira 2 are what innocence and joy are all about. I’m happy when Maheen calls me ‘edil mamoo janoo‘ , she pronounces my name starting with E which sounds cute when she utters it. Abeera is very quick in learning new words. She replies ‘Delly’ when asked about what should I buy her. She of course means ‘Jelly’. And Zunaira .. she must be the most shy child of this world. She cannot stare me in eyes always burying her head in my lap.

2) Reading: I have always craved to be an avid reader but I haven’t been, courtesy a plethora of reasons with the most obvious being my lack of reading concentration, yet I take pleasure in reading albeit in shorter whiles. Reading poetry is more intoxicating to me for poetic words stir something in my soul for good. I don’t wanna mention a particular book here coz different writers with a variety of flavors have pleased me over the years. I’m a reverer of greats like Rumi, Rehman Baba, Khalil Gibran, Ghalib, Iqbal, Faiz, Faraz, Mohsin Naqvi and Amjad but am more interested these days in reading Pakistani english poets for they blend Pakistaniat in a universal language.

3) Cricket: It might seem an abberration to some but cricket has made me happy, if sports have anything to do with happiness. They say I was good as an opening batsman when I was a school going kid but my cricketing wings were clipped shortly after I represented my college in a few games. The reason was my dejected elder brother who made it to the Quaid-e-Azam trophy, the foremost domestic tournament at the time but was stopped to go further courtesy the lack of a backing; a pre-requisite in so many fields here. Yet, I follow the game with passion and watch it seriously.

Now, Kashkin and Nadia are tagged for the same 🙂