Random Thoughts

Floods: They have wrecked the body structure of Pakistan. Starting from the mountains in the north in KPK and protracting through the plains of southern Punjab to Sind and Baluchistan. The waters were never so high and never so wide to sweep along high buildings, bridges, houses, crops, cattle and most of all precious human lives. The dent to the infrastructure is immense. The misery of millions of our folks is heart-wrenching. People are starved of food, bereft of shelter and exposed to water rife in epidemics. What they need now is the support of us all spared by the calamity. The magnitude of the disaster makes it our obligation to try and restore the lives, pride and dignity of our people in troubled waters.

Altaf bhai: As if we were short of the disasters, bhai saab wants us to be hit by another. In his recent signature telephonic sermon the moron politician invited ‘the patriots’ in military to come forth and take over the reins of this ill-governed state (of the government he himself is a part). He acts crocodile when says he is moved by the cause of the flood-stricken – advocating the cause in his cozy London flate where he’s glued from eternity come hell or high water. And more so, his proposed military takeover to him is neither a martial law nor something unconstitutional – a marriage of both amid the larger national tragedy. He wants chaos, utter chaos!

Spot-Fixing: Let us not bash them left right and center. Let us not propose punishments. It is pre-mature. The allegations are still to be proved. Till whatever comes this latest scandal of spot-fixing by some of the Pakistan cricketers is damaging with a potential to taint the very image of Pakistan and its cricket beyond redemption. Controversies of one or the other kind has been a regular feature on the Pakistan English tours throughout history. The English media is always on a lookout to malign the gifted players from our part of the world. This is not to say our cricketers are innocent. There is a possibility of black sheep everywhere. But they ought not to be considered guilty until proved so. I feel for Aamir. He is too young, too talented to lose his reputation and career in the nasty business of match or spot-fixing. I wish he’s not the culprit!

A heartbreak

I had planned to celebrate an anticipated win with a post here but I was jolted to the reality that wishes aren’t horses and that it takes the nerves of steal, discipline on the field and a Captain who leads by an example to prevail in tough matches like the Champions Trophy Semifinal.

There were a multitude of reasons for our failure, the foremost being our inept middle order led by an under performing captain. Its high time our selectors unearthed gems like Umer Akmal and get rid of mere reputations so that we get rid of the heart breaks that we experience from the failure of our batting lineup on a permanent basis.

The Glory Is Just One Step Away ..

105045.2We are bruised by internal strifes. We are down with the nuisance of militancy. But we are rising somewhere else, on the horizon of World Cricket. The world is looking at us with awe, with wonder. We are about to dazzle their eyes with the flashes of our talent. We’re about to lift the coveted trophy of the ICC World Twenty20, 2009; we are just one game away. a mere single game.

What we did last night was a proof of our capabilities. It was a slap on the faces of our detractors who wanted to close the doors of world cricket upon us. We were isolated. We were pushed to the corner. What we did last night just was a fitting response from the cornered tigers.

We are one game away and we need it the most. Our nation deserves it the most.

Come on, Afridi, Gul, Saeed, Akmal and all!

Just don’t let your desire fall!

Come bring the glory home

Which will roam

In the poisoned body

Of our ailing populace

To intoxicate

Like a panacea does ..

P.S: Picture courtesy http://www.cricinfo.com

Update: We’ve done it! We’ve just done it! We’re on top of the world in Twenty20 cricket! Our boys’ve made us proud! We’re the champs!

Welldone team Pakistan! Welldone boom boom Afridi! Thanx for the smiles you brought on to so many agrieved faces in Pakistan! Thanx for giving us the present of the world Twenty20 trophy! Pakistan Zindabad!

Pakistan’s Campaign In World T20

They were beaten badly by the South Africans in their first warm up game of the tournament but worst was to come later when they were trounced by the Indians in front of a packed Lords stadium, a match that was more than a warm up, a precursor to their further troubles against a desperate English team in their first match of the World Twenty20. Pakistan lost in a shambolic manner in a worst display of rusty batting, erratic bowling and a performance of fielding, the less mentioned the better.

They entered into yesterday’s match against the Netherlands with lots at stake; the aspirations of their supporters in millions, their credibility to prove themselves one of the better cricketing nations and most importantly their survival in the very tournament they were playing to move to the Super Eights in face of the challenge of a passionate Dutch side who had tasted the blood of success by catching England unawares in their first encounter. Pakistan weren’t to succumb, though. They played with a purpose and it showed when they posted a challenging total of 175 with all the senior players like Kamran Akmal, Younis Khan, Shoaib Malik and Misbah playing responsible knocks. But it was Shahid Afridi who tied the Dutch into knots and they never managed to find a clue. Saeed Ajmal and Shoaib Malik bowled well too, supported by a surprisingly good glovework by Kamran Akmal to take Pakistan through to the next phase.

The contentious statement of the Pakistan captain Younis Khan that ‘Twenty20 cricket is more for fun than serious business even if is international cricket’ in the wake of their loss to England raised a few eyebrows in the cricketing circles, didn’t prove that bothersome last night when the Pakistani team brought a few smiles to the sad faces of the Pakistani masses. We just hope the fun continuous . It is very much needed in todays Pakistan.

We Are Sorry, Sri Lankans!

No one ever imagined that calamity of such magnitude would strike Pakistan and Pakistan’s cricket right in the heart of its cricket headquarters and that too at the expense of its guests; the Sri Lankan cricket team who braved the international concerns to visit Pakistan when no one was prepared to visit. The visitors’ bus was attacked by unidentified terrorists while en route to the393223 Gaddafi Stadium for the third days play of the second cricket Test between the two teams. 6 Sri Lankan Players were reported to be injured in the unprecedented incident of its kind along with a few officials.

The act is extremely despicable and it shouldn’t have happened. The innocent cricket players haven’t done any wrong to anybody. It could only be carried out by some f*ing cowards. It is for sure, however, that the incident will prove destructive for the game of cricket in Pakistan.

Let us demand for a thorough investigation of the incident! Let us demand for the culprits to be found out and brought in to justice! Let us pray for the martyrs of the incident! Let us say SORRY to the Sri Lankans for the unfortunate events that struck them on our land!

My sources of pleasure!

This ‘tagging’ thing is very much ‘In’ in the blogsphere these days. Our fellow blogger Ayesha was tagged to describe at least three things that please her. After an impressive description of hers, she handed me the task to reveal mine.

While I do like gadgets for serving the purpose of our necessity, it can’t match the bliss I take in;

1) The Company Of My Little Nieces: Maheen 4, Abeera 2, and Zunaira 2 are what innocence and joy are all about. I’m happy when Maheen calls me ‘edil mamoo janoo‘ , she pronounces my name starting with E which sounds cute when she utters it. Abeera is very quick in learning new words. She replies ‘Delly’ when asked about what should I buy her. She of course means ‘Jelly’. And Zunaira .. she must be the most shy child of this world. She cannot stare me in eyes always burying her head in my lap.

2) Reading: I have always craved to be an avid reader but I haven’t been, courtesy a plethora of reasons with the most obvious being my lack of reading concentration, yet I take pleasure in reading albeit in shorter whiles. Reading poetry is more intoxicating to me for poetic words stir something in my soul for good. I don’t wanna mention a particular book here coz different writers with a variety of flavors have pleased me over the years. I’m a reverer of greats like Rumi, Rehman Baba, Khalil Gibran, Ghalib, Iqbal, Faiz, Faraz, Mohsin Naqvi and Amjad but am more interested these days in reading Pakistani english poets for they blend Pakistaniat in a universal language.

3) Cricket: It might seem an abberration to some but cricket has made me happy, if sports have anything to do with happiness. They say I was good as an opening batsman when I was a school going kid but my cricketing wings were clipped shortly after I represented my college in a few games. The reason was my dejected elder brother who made it to the Quaid-e-Azam trophy, the foremost domestic tournament at the time but was stopped to go further courtesy the lack of a backing; a pre-requisite in so many fields here. Yet, I follow the game with passion and watch it seriously.

Now, Kashkin and Nadia are tagged for the same 🙂

Aur bijli chali gayee!

The last year or so has seen Pakistan running out of its energy resources thanks to our ever increasing energy consumption against the stagnant energy production resources.It is an obvious fact that we haven’t been able to produce energy in par with the requirements of our increased population over the years plus the expanding manufacturing units.

The blame lies entirely on our policy makers who have totally failed to chalk out an unpretentious energy production policy which could effectively reduce if not totally diminish the situation that we are witnessing now a days ; routine electricity breakdowns for major parts of the day and the subsequent stoppages of hundreds of manufacturing units throughout the country. True, the Kalabagh dam strategy is awaiting national consensus which according to many can solve all our energy problems but there are many who conceive it a plan totally unfeasible given the apprehension that it can be hazardous for both Sind and NWFP. Moreover there should have been an equal emphasis on smaller dams which are producing great results the world over.

Now, as the proverbial dying man tries to catch by a straw, we are seeing this organization jumping on to the scene; Enercon, promoting energy conservation through difference campaigns. A commendable effort indeed but with the question; why so late? Had there been a sound strategy of energy consumption earlier, we might not have run so much short of it.

As a cricket crazy nation we can sacrifice electricity for our industrial units, hospitals, study and research centers but not a floodlight cricket match. Yes, it is indeed an honor for us to gather each and every current of our dying electric resources and provide a perfect sunny environment in the ground and play a team like Bangladesh who’ve graciously touched down our land in a time when everybody else was shying away. There were a hint or two of fun in the irony, last night when those towering floodlights in the Gaddafi Stadium went off leaving all and sundry in a perfect gloom giving a picture of a typical Pakistani blacked out eventide.

Thumbs up PCB! We’re dying for those floodlit matches!