Political Dissent – The lowest ebb

The current political situation in Pakistan is unprecedented in its history, not with respect to political rivalries and the associated manoeuvrings but because of the way our body politic is dying a slow death courtesy the degeneration of moralities and the mass exodus of ethics out of our political discourse and practices.

There is an utter disregard towards values like respect for the opposing ideology and forbearance over political dissent. All we have are sharpened knives that are instantly out as soon as somebody utters a word incompatible to our set of beliefs.

The most unfortunate aspect of today’s immoral, less tolerant political culture is the proliferation of an ill-cultured, intolerant social media generation who could be seen at each others throats whenever you log on to the battlefields of facebook, twitter or any other related forum where the freedom of expression is criminally abused. Our politicians keep churning the dirt to feed the smear campaigns running at full throttle on our social media forums and there is no regulation whatsoever, nobody to stop this collective suicide of moralities.

While we are so busy bringing each other down, we have almost forgotten that we are in the midst of the month of August — the month of the creation of our homeland. Imagine if any of the founding leaders of Pakistan gets to see what we are doing to each other, to our institutions, will he be proud of the sacrifices they rendered for us. I am not sure. If motherland is like a mother, we all should behave like the proud sons and daughters of the land. This is the time to introspect, not to disrespect the sacrifices rendered by our forefathers. There is not pill for the ills of our nation except unity. If are to survive, we have to be united, holding on to the values of tolerance and respect. These keyboards and touch-screen wars will get us nowhere.