Re-visiting my blog

Now when I’ve re-stepped into this blog after an eon’s gap, do I realize that am in the mid of a desert that once was not so deserted. There’s plenty amount of water passed under the bridge of my life ever since, for better, thankfully. There’s a thick layer of rust accumulated over my thinking brain and my writing pen though. For now I do intend to update this space more regularly by trying not to let go off ideas without giving them some kind of a shape here, the way I used to treat them in a distant past. The forms and shapes of the ideas may not be as decent as one or two of my previous writing efforts were, I’d still like them here for something is better than not writing at all.

Hope for an update on this blog very soon.




2 thoughts on “Re-visiting my blog

  1. Pansy

    Assalam o alaikum! Aadil mene kbi cmnt nai kiya tha but mene 2010 sy aap ka blog follow krna shuru kiya aur mehrin kasana n apka blog mujhy achha lgta tha..phir kuchh arsa busy rehnay k ba’d ab m dbara apki posts enjoy kr rahi hn. Pr aap ab oftenly post nai krtay. Keep writing n up dating..

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