Float, Frenzy and Ferry are the words this time around. Thank you STJ  🙂


Remember the days
our computer screens
were two banks
of the same river.

remember the days
we’d cover
several nautical miles
of our eyes’ moisture,
ferrying across IPs
in the blink of a cursor;

the days our hearts
would float
on the fiery waves,
thumping in frenzy,
against the shoreline.

Now when the waters
are almost dried
and cursors are abound,
I still venture across
only to be told
‘the person does not exist’


6 thoughts on “Offline

  1. STJtodustwebe

    🙂 umm..good..umm..real good 🙂 acha hai, good work Champ..remember, as quick as we close eyes to the dark, quicker do we dream 🙂 Dream on buddy, that’s what makes our eyes smile 🙂 Until the next prompts…

    1. And I think I’m the only one left behind 🙂 I’m a very reluctant blogger these days updating this blog every once in a dark blue moon. I want to write more but there is not much to read hence the dry spells.

      Glad you visited this place after a while. Hope you’re doing great like ever. Go well 🙂

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