the bitter sweet break

The absence from blog was filled by sounds, the crash bang sound of a speeding car hitting my bike, dragging me a bit then shoving me to the wayside and still miraculously not killing me.

The doctors too wondered how could I not sustain fractures and all. There were abrasions, cuts and bruises that have healed leaving the scars.

But there was Eid afterwards – as if the hiatus between my last blog and now was a microcosm of life with near misses, pain and the shift of the pendulum towards blessings and joy.

The sounds filling my mind right now are that of the whispering rain, the chirping birds and a certain John Denver also singing about filling up his senses.



16 thoughts on “the bitter sweet break

  1. Raheel Adnan

    Oh .. I did wonder what is stopping you from visiting the blog. Glad to know that you’re better now. Some accidents make us better understand ourselves and our life.

    Are you back to usual work now or still resting?

    1. Yes life is back to the usual routines. You are quite right, we never appreciate the true gift of life until we find ourselves in some trouble.

      Hope you’re doing great with your life 🙂

    1. hey sis, yes am doing fine shine with the grace of the Almighty. couldn’t tell you bout the accident courtesy you being out of contact for a while. hope you’re doing fine as well.

      be blessed 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    came to know ’bout the mishap now.. hope everything is alright by now..
    the world needs more of your wisdom my take a good care of yourself !!

    (your anonymous friend..hope u remember !!)

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