The Rain Romance

Islamabad is having the first prolonged downpour of the current monsoon which remained largely dry to frustrate the expectations of respite from a blistering hot summer with unprecedented electricity cut offs.

Such a late arrival of the much needed rain is bound to bring gratitude and bliss. The clouds were ripe right from the last night and one couldn’t wait for the wine to be squeezed by the divine hands. The mild tipper-tapper like the whisper of the beloved woke me early this morning and it wasn’t long before we embraced in a hug of love.

The pouring rain fills a vast chunk in the largely bereft world of my romance; it melts my heart in to a deluge of emotions. I feel as if there is no worry in the world but love. As if a beautiful guest is visiting me. I cannot recall the first sight of my love; it has been all along with me, in me. I remember how in my boyhood I’d use ride on the bicycle in the pouring rain, roaming the streets of my little town and coming back home excitedly drenched.

Today is such a day. A day to celebrate. A reminder that life is not all dull and dour. That nature is there to soothe or sorrows and give us the gift of rain.



9 thoughts on “The Rain Romance

  1. Raheel Adnan

    Romanticism between a poet and rain is never strange.

    The pouring water makes feel good, only once I am up there on a mountain or am surrounded by green walls of trees. It’s a curse being jailed in concrete fortification and witnessing the monsoon rain flood the infertile rooftops.

  2. The voice of
    My heart and soul
    The humming bird
    In my songs
    Call out your
    Loving name
    Beckoning you
    To reach out
    For me as
    I am burning
    In the flames of
    Sweet love

    As the sound
    Of the rain
    Touches the chimes
    Outside my window
    The jingling sound
    Brings joy
    To my soothing ears
    And the thirst
    In the depth
    Of my eye lines
    Awakens the dreams
    Of us together
    And makes me
    Forget the world
    Altogether, my love

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