The shoulder

of my muse

is colder

than the ice

in south

and northern poles



10 thoughts on “Disowned

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  2. Raheel

    Ice gets stronger as it goes colder. Definitely, your thinking resides on sturdy foundation.
    Beautifully written, nevertheless.

    1. I’m amazed at the way you deduct positivity out of a damn negative thing 😀

      I want the warmth of the gaze of my muse that could melt my heart in to a flow of emotions!

      Thank you dear brother! 🙂

  3. Raheel

    We have to withstand the hailing storm. Whether by finding the warmth of emotions or just a tough heart, I less care. What important is to survive and rise up again.

    You’re welcome and thank you brother, for complimentary words.

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