Nowshera Resolves

The river Kabul caressed me
through centuries of our intimacy;
our love was always young
like spring blooms in the new city.

I would sail on its back
or fish in the serenity of its heart
before the watershed–

drunken high on torrential rain,
almost insane,
the river rose to claim
the lives of my folk;
gobble my children,
plunder my crop.

But I shall not let the flood
moisten my eyes;
I’m the one
who divinity wanted to possess
with the rage of love.

15 thoughts on “Nowshera Resolves

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  2. Wooaaah!!
    Firstly, THANK YOU for coming up with a new post!
    Secondly, this is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! I love how your words capture the deepest of imaginations and how you view things with a different angle! Keep writing!

    1. Thank you 🙂 What I’ve tried to portray in the end should be a sane approach to cope with the tragedies we are having! May Allah have mercy upon us!

  3. Remarkable! At last, your lost words are back. There are some things that can’t allow a poet to remain voicelesss.

    Unfortunately, the list of cities and towns is now beyond hundred who had ‘intimacy’ with Indus, Swat, Chenab, Gilgit and Jhelum rivers.

    1. Wish these words could assuage a slight bit of the pain of my people!

      Yes our misery is protracted beyond our capacity to deal with; we just can pray and hope for the divine mercy!

      Thanks for the words of encouragement!

      1. captureuniverse

        Ocource I did…thrice but don’t know where my comments lost…i think they drowned in nowshehra’s flood…. 😛

        I am good Alhamdolillah….you say bro…???

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