It has never been a case with me — such protraction of a phase of boredom. The current one has really stretched from days to weeks to months and I don’t know where it intends to go from here dragging me along. When I retrospect, I find some missing links, the fading glimpse of a galaxy I used to enkindle my being from. The realization is, that I lost my inspiration and I badly need some to turn this tide of nothingness.

I wish to reconnect with the people whose presence meant colors when things became dull like they are.


10 thoughts on “Boredom

    1. I would have loved to, was I not obstacled by a rather lengthy work schedule. It still is a very good idea. Lemme search a few opportunities.

      Thank for the suggestion and of course, visit to this blog 🙂

  1. Assalamoalaikum Rora,

    Zama khyaal de chi maa baande hum da phase raghalay de tair 2 hafto na, khu ma sara tool dee ao bya hum.. and that’s worse…

    Sometimes we run a lot after people but it never works, the inner emptiness always comes back. I think it would only be nice if there was someone we rally love a lot and they loved us back with similar intensity that the inner emptiness would be erased, but then its human nature and sooner or later we may find something else to worry about and make us bored or simply unintersted…

    In such time Rora, connect to Allah, read more Quran, and meet with religious people and extend the time of your visit tot he mosque. Also viosit olde or new friends, it helps.

    1. Wa’alaikumAssalam!

      da yao dwa hafto boriat khu der worrisome na wee khu che kala da phase eternity ta rawan she nu jwand der gran she .. umeed de che taso ba der zar normalcy ta rashay

      My eternal longing for love notwithstanding, I don’t think only the presence of a loved one will end this nauseating phase that I’m fretting about; it will require some other magic.

      I quite agree with your prescription of a bit of more religion in my life; I too am feeling as if my soul is bruised and as if it needs some spiritual healing. I’ll try to go for the remedy, I’ll have to go for it.

      Thanks for the comment!

      Dera manana!

  2. captureuniverse

    Hey bro…

    What happened…u seem so down… ur boredom is longing enough…. i am quiet agreed with Alhamdolillah….when we realy find no way nowhere then there is only one to look at and ask for mercy and that is only and only Allah…so try to find someone who could heal up ur soul rather ur body….Spiritual healing surely makes one contented from inside…. 🙂

    have u heard…. “Allif Allah, hambey dee bootii….Man mere wich layeee……..” 🙂
    try to plant BOOTI inside ur heart….keep doing Zikr whether working or not…ur heart will start doing it by itself…automatically u ll feel relaxed…. 🙂

    Try it…. 🙂
    Allah may bless u always and ever… 🙂

    1. Hey sister! Yes, yes it has become quite exaggerated. I agree with all you have to say; I need some spiritual healing, a lot of reading, the company of some like-minded people and lots of other things.

      ‘Alif Allah’ is a very impressive rendition and I use to listen to it at times.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. spotlesssoul

    When I saw the title of post, I took it in sense of typical boredom. And like always, I wondered that HOW do people feel ‘bored’. Because it’s been years since I myself last felt ‘bored’. Now I fail to understand this feeling :S

    But when I read your this sentence that : ‘When I retrospect, I find some missing links, the fading glimpse of a galaxy I used to enkindle my being from.’

    To me, the kind of ‘boredom’ you mentioned is nothing but one’s his OWN willingness and inclination to NOT do things. It can be his escapism OR it can be because he has lost connection with ‘himself’.

    People DO bring changes in our lives =) Presence of few people makes our lives changed by the KIND of energies they possess. One with positive energies revive our energies as well.

    But being a representative from ‘crown of creation’, we shouldn’t be just relying and depending on OTHERS. Do you that Our Creator would like to see us ‘seeking’ and ‘waiting’ for something and someone to come and not ‘bothering’ to revive our own potentials.

    Inspiration lies within you =) Answers of every questions lie with you. We can’t blame situations if we ourselves don’t bother to consider. And honestly with the revival of this spirit that YOU are author of ‘your’ destiny, you’ll come to realize of pathways leading to the kind of ‘inspiration’ you mentioned above. Because Allah Himself says that only that person will be awarded who sets on the ‘quest’.

    Figure out the main reason behind your such behaviour =) and things will automatically be solved, inshAllah.

    PS: I don’t know you much. I just told on a ‘generic’ note, under light of experiences I have had in my life. I can be wrong as well. You’ve more experience than me at your credit. I respect you and sincere apologies if I misinterrepted anything wrong =)

  4. Well, the boredom I was talking about is a complexity in itself, the one that cannot be described in a simple definition of the term hence your first reaction of ‘HOW do people feel bored’ was but quite natural.

    You have fathomed the gist of all this right as to either it is a condition of escapism or losing one’s connection with oneself; I might be both an escapist as well as detached from myself.

    Yet I wont deny the feeling of some external factors stimulating this condition. Yes, you are right in saying that we ourselves are the cause and potion of our ailments but we certainly are endowed with varied potencies of the medicine and it either loses or gains its effectiveness with external catalysts. I, admittedly am low in the belief that we alone are all powerful to manipulate certain moods and conditions of our minds.

    I cant thank you enough for such a detailed and enlightening comment!

    God Bless!

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