Writing Haiku

Below here are a few random attempts at writing haiku, courtesy the inspiration from a few nice fellows at DWL.

Alone in Isloo;
I enjoy the company
of mom in mardan

Nineteen, forty five;
a generation lost
on a spur of rage

Worshiping haiku,
we count on our fingertips
seventeen syllables

Gigantic egos,
collide in futile battles,
relations suffer.

10 thoughts on “Writing Haiku

    1. Its a Japanese genre of poetry which is now being written in almost every popular language of the world. A haiku usually consists of three lines with the most agreed format of 5,7,5 syllables but there have been different schools of thoughts promoting different styles of writing haiku. It is however generally believed that a haiku shouldn’t exceed 17 syllables in a whole hence a writer could vary the syllable count in all three lines.
      I too am not that familiar with the genre and will try to explore it more.

      Thanks for liking the first and last ones 🙂

  1. Assalamoalaikum,
    I guess my mind isn’t working these days thanks to the rush of thoughts, it ook me several readings to understand ths imple poem :S

    I liked the last one best…

    you wrote it yourse;f?

  2. Assalamoalaikum, Yeah, doing well, but kind of nothing at the moment, have stayed at home all week last week because trying to toilet train the youngest!
    Suddenly Im too busy yet haven’t done many pending things, how about you Rora, how’s everything?

    I see you’re lifting a little out of your… retrospect phase, summer must be on its way!

    Hope you’re well.

  3. Must be the hardest of things, trying to train kids for such basic things, eh? 🙂 I’ve had a long weekend at home and enjoyed as well as was annoyed by the company of little nephews and nieces courtesy their extreme naughtiness and shore sharaba. 🙂

    The winter is at its beautiful best here in Pakistan when the rains have finally arrived; I can still see it pouring outside and I can’t love it enough.

    Remember me in your prayers, sister 🙂

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