An Exercise II

The theme is Mirror(s) and the words to use are Stall(ed), Plaque, Grille, Stellate, Scar and Daylight. The concept is rather tricky for me to keep a consistency with especially to incorporate in it the mentioned words but I shouldn’t whine as long as it helps me un-knot my mind. So here’s the attempt I came up with. Your suggestions are welcomed.

There’s no complexity here;
we’re no more than a few animates
and a handful of cosmic granules
juxtaposed in the recurrence
of eternal themes,
manipulated by the shades
of divine incandescence.

The Sun tries in vain
to whitewash its pain
in broad daylight that is
imprinted in scars
on the countenance of Moon.

There have always been men
having stellates in their chests
whose glow show paths
to many a lost tribe.

My father fixed his eyes
in those of the eternity
but the dusk drank up the light.
Now I’m transfixed to the plaque
of his memories
as I stare deep
into the looking-glass of time.

Its been the same fire
grilling us forever.
You’ve stalled to admit,
but I know it all;
we’re blind yet we can see
ourselves through the eyes
of Farhad and Shireen.


4 thoughts on “An Exercise II

  1. Wow, wonderful Aadil. I love how you’ve done this one, really. (:

    I’ve a few suggestions (which may help you improve this already beautiful piece) but as I said in my email, we’ll get to the editing part later. Hope it’s okay?

    For the next theme, check your email tomorrow.

    ps: This was beautiful. Brace thyself ! (;

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