Rambling …

As dryness prevails with no clouds in sights or those roaming the skies are bereft of moisture, I cannot fish for ideas in the erstwhile pool of imagination, for it is long sucked by the intensity of times. So, I decide to set out on a ramble towards nothingness, than waiting in futility for something non existent. I wander about in the vast expanse of the Writers Block when my eyes catch a glimpse of something shimmering, ‘Ah, thats it, move on lest it fades!’. And it fades the moment I reach there. In this wilderness I’ve found good allies in mirages; they play games with me. But like every other game this game has to end and I dont want to be a loser. I’ve already have my hands full of emptiness. I better make some rain that will fill the pools of my imagination where fish of different ideas will brood to give me a choice to catch ideas from.

P.S: ‘Fishing for ideas in a pool’ is something I heard from Cav


8 thoughts on “Rambling …

    1. Oh, your revisiting my blog is no ordinary thing; it could also be a topic to write upon 😉
      I wish I could write something in relation to the day of ashura. Thanks for the suggestion, nonetheless! 🙂

  1. Haha…I’m going through the same misery of sorts, dear friend. But no worries..
    Some time back I came up with an exercise of my own to pull me outta this shit – excuse the use of this expletive, please – and it has worked. I can help you with it, if you want me to, that is. Here’s how it works: I give you a phrase (a sort of a theme) and certain words you’ve to use in your writing. You force yourself into doing this and come up with whatever you can (time 24 hours) and post it to me, based on which I give you another and it goes on until you get there. We can start tomorrow. Email me in case you’re interested.

    1. Hmm .. that seems a potentially worthy suggestion. But being a born procrastinator besides my unusually tight work schedule, I’ll request for the increase of the time span for that 🙂
      So, I’m gonna email you and see if I can pull myself out with your helping hand.

      Thanks for the comment and help! 🙂

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