Another translation ..

The gifts of Globalization are many, so are its curses like colonization, wars and monopolies but since I’m sick of the wars and violence around, I deemed it appropriate to resort to poetry. Incidentally, the name of the below translated poem is also ‘Globalization’ which thankfully is having a different context.

In this modern age of Globalization

The distances have so shrunk

In a manner,

That these seem unreal

Like a dream,

Or like a mere figment

Of one’s imagination.

People in the world

Have become so close

As those living in a village

Or in a same little house.

But you and I,

The eternal unfortunates,

Are dwelling in the same city

For years,

Without a contact,

Without a relation.

We are so oblivious

Of the whereabouts of each other.

What sort of a cave,

Of the times bygone is that

Wherein we are resting?

Which kind of a season,

Or times we expect

And are waiting for?

14 thoughts on “Another translation ..

  1. captureuniverse

    we are living in the same city…. is this a fortunate thing or unfortunate? sometime distance doesn’t matter but only frequency of attraction, whether amplitude is high or low…

    around the globe we are more closer but certainly require vacum to feel each other as far as distance is concerned.

    Overall great writing πŸ™‚

    1. I guess egos play a huge part in creating mental distances amongst the individuals in the context of relationships. Whilst on the same mental wavelength, individuals don’t care about distances spreading even on thousands of miles.

      To me the shrinking of the world has created more suffocation than a collective goodwill amongst the nations.

      Thanks for the comment πŸ™‚

      1. captureuniverse

        where wavelength fluctuates with the tides of mental distortion, its being very difficult to stick to it until and unless once kills himself beyond ego… πŸ™‚

        i hope my philosphy could be digested a bit πŸ˜›

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