Like A Season Goes By ..

The flowers on your

embroidered dopatta would

remain fresh,

(like the ones I would place

in your locks)

soaked in the midnight rains

of your eyes;

now, sighs, that formed

the thick rain-clouds

are no more to rise

as you trample the wilted

leaves of our blooming love

evoking thoughts

of an autumn that came too soon

P.S: I was taken by a pleasant surprise to see a publication after quite some time.


14 thoughts on “Like A Season Goes By ..

    1. Thank you 🙂 I too sort of like the initial part, for the image gels with our culture. I wasn’t confident at all writing something of a poem after some time and am still finding ways for improvement.

      Glad you liked the published one as well! 🙂

    1. lolls .. love, you know is stubborn; no matter how deep you bury it under the layers of ‘gham e daura’n’ it manages to come to the for every once in a while 🙂

  1. Assalamoalaikum,

    It was so niceto see youw riting again.

    I too liked the ” soaked in the mid night rains of your eyes..” beautiful!!

    Congratulations on your publication Rora,May Allah give you happiness, ameen.


  2. captureuniverse

    Thats a beautiful piece of poetry….infact i like the simple words and expression in them…..

    congrats…celebrate ur publication…. 🙂

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