A heartbreak

I had planned to celebrate an anticipated win with a post here but I was jolted to the reality that wishes aren’t horses and that it takes the nerves of steal, discipline on the field and a Captain who leads by an example to prevail in tough matches like the Champions Trophy Semifinal.

There were a multitude of reasons for our failure, the foremost being our inept middle order led by an under performing captain. Its high time our selectors unearthed gems like Umer Akmal and get rid of mere reputations so that we get rid of the heart breaks that we experience from the failure of our batting lineup on a permanent basis.


16 thoughts on “A heartbreak

  1. Aah! that was merely a game of cricket.
    Wobbly legs and timid hearts are never crowned. Team Pakistan wasn’t daring enough to compete for the final clash. Unfortunately, the team leader doesn’t even realize the mistakes and acknowledges his failure. He put down the ultimate perfect combination, sighs.

    1. Yes, but that was enough to give us lots us lots us depression! 😦

      You’re quite right, Team Pakistan didn’t deserve to be crowned for they didn’t look like a complete package.

      Thanks for stumbling by! 🙂

  2. Limited over matches are no more for postiz with Strike Rate below 100. ok 100 kuch challenging ho gaya but 85 se nechay vala tau mein ground mein hee na aanay do. So Misbah, Yousaf, Younis & the likes should all sent home & Umar Akmal etc to be made permanent. 🙂

    1. Specifying things to strike rates would be too one dimensional a task, I’m afraid, but you’re right youngsters who’ve got good temperament and hitting abilities ought to be preferred than the paper tigers that we have 🙂

  3. I was too upset! Now I’ve gotten over it 😛

    I couldn’t even look at the picture of Aussie team in white jackets holding trophy… felt the indescribable pang! 🙂

    1. You know what, I couldn’t sleep for most part of that fateful night, but I also have gotten over the pain gradually 😀

      Now they’ve summoned Younis Khan to investigate him for the accusation of match-fixing which is way too improper on part of our parliamentarians, I guess.

  4. More Expectations brings more disappointment, that’s why i didn’t watch the Semi’s.. I still remember, when i wept and fill up buckets(not buckets really) when Pakistan got beatin in 1996 worldcup against India and the next day i have an exam of science.

    Younis has really disappointed us from his captaincy, i watched the India match and the bowling change he made were so wrong at critical times. Although we won the match hence nobody ponder over it. But younis should really improve his batting and captaincy. in b/w i felt currently there is no one else in the team who can make team united better than younis, we shud give younis sometime…

    also wining and losing is a part of a game we shud understand that, and someone has said so truly the winner wins and the loser always end up losing.

    1. Younis, I believe, has improved a lot as a captain and the remarks of a few senior players like Wasim Akram are a testimony to it. The captaincy of Younis in the match that you’ve mentioned wasn’t at all bad; I particularly liked his masterstroke of taking a slip for Yousaf Pathan who was caught by the same position.
      To me it isn’t a suitable time to replace the captain as there’s no one else to handle this volatile team; one can’t bet on Afridi coz he hasn’t truly been tested as yet. Let’s wait how he fares in his T20 captaincy.

  5. Which match they think was fixed? Pakistan-Australia, pool match? Or the semi-final?

    I think winning and losing is the part of game but the fact is that bookies with whopping amount of money are always there to hunt down the players and teams.

    Personally, I believe no player would risk tarnishing his name as most of them are already very well-paid.

    1. The accusations are leveled for both the Pak-Aus match as well as the semi-final which have been ridiculed by both the Pakistan captain and coach; Younas has already stated he would resign if such a nonsense was carried on by the Parliamentary committee on Sports.

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