Faraz Kaisay Bhulaoo’N Teray Firaaq Ka Ghum!

Yesterday, August 25th was the first death anniversary of the revolutionary poet Ahmad Faraz. His absence still confounds the logic, for his words, his magic is all around us. We felt an overwhelming presence of the spirit of Faraz in the recent Lawyers Movement and his pugnacity is always cited where there is a struggle against the forces of evil.

Like his resistance poetry, his tributes to the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) too are filled with the concern he felt for his downtrodden people struck hard by the illegitimate forces of the State as well as exploited by the Political jugglers in the visage of religious clerics. Below here is one such Naat that angered the dictatorial regime of the time to an extent that Faraz was jailed for reciting it in a forum at a gathering in Karachi.

مرے رسول کہ نسبت تجھے اجالوں سے

میں تیرا ذکر کروں صبح کے حوالوں سے

نہ میری نعت کی محتاج ذات ہے تیری

نہ تیری مدح ہے ممکن مرے خیالوں سے

تو روشنی کا پیمبر ہے اور مری تاریخ

بھری پڑی ہے شب ظلم کی مثالوں سے

ترا پیام محبت ہے اور میرے یہاں

دل و دماغ ہیں پر نفرتوں کے جالوں سے

یہ افتخار ہے تیرا کہ میرے عرش مقام

تو ہمکلام رہا ہے زمین والوں سے


مگر یہ مفتی و واعظ یہ محتسب یہ فقیح

جو معتبر ہیں فقط مصلحت کی چالوں سے

خدا کے نام کو بیچیں مگر خدا نہ کرے

اثر پزیر ہوں خلق خدا کے نالوں سے

نہ میری آنکھ میں کاجل نہ مشکبو ہے لباس

کہ میرے دل کا ہے رشہ خراب حالوں سے

ہے ترش رو مری باتوں سے صاحب منبر

خطیب شہر ہے برہم مرے سوالوں سے

مرے ضمیر نے قابیل کو نہیں بخشا

میں کیسے صلح کروں قتل کرنے والوں سے

میں بے بساط سا شاعر ہوں پر کرم تیرا

کہ با شرف ہوں قبا و کلاہ والوں سے


10 thoughts on “Faraz Kaisay Bhulaoo’N Teray Firaaq Ka Ghum!

    1. Oops! it can’t I’m afraid! I don’t have the editor for this font; I typed it somewhere else, in an online urdu dictionary and pasted it here.
      Sorry if its inconvenient!

  1. It’s ok, I finally, read it!! MAshaAllah What a wonderful zabardast post this was!!

    I loved the last bit best,

    Main bay sabaat sa shair hoon (par?) karam teraa
    ke ba sharf hoon hoon quba o kalah walon se?

    Sorry if I got it wrong, it IS pretty small 😀

    Super Post Rora.

    1. Oh, thanks for putting some effort to read it! 😀
      The post actually is nothing without Faraz’ beautiful verses, so we should be thankful to Faraz for bringing up these lovely lines.

      Yea I know its ISNT convenient to read as I tried to read it on another computer but the pity is that I can’t help it! 😦

      Thanks for your comment though! 🙂

  2. I guess HTML code is supported here by wordpress … I tried this command in WIDGETS lately… let me try in this comment.

    He’d been a great poet & person. The first one is a very good selection.

    I guess I need an URDU LUGHAT to understand the 2nd one. 🙂

    1. What sort of a code? ..

      It actually is a single selection having two parts with the later being arrayed as sarcasm on the State and Religious manipulators.

      Thanks for suggesting me to write this post! 🙂

    1. Faraz was critical of the coercive tactics of the dictator when he said

      meray zameer nay qabeel ko nahi bakhsha
      may kaisay sulah karooN qatl karnay waloN say
      .. where perhaps he referred to the hanging of Z.A.Bhutto by Zia hence he was reprimanded.

  3. Ayesha

    A year went by so quickly 😕

    He will always be remembered like Faiz for his revolutionary poems. Thanks for making a nice post in his memory.

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