Come, Relieve me!

So we are over the profusely humid pashakal, sawan, barsat or monsoon of the current season. I cannot recall the mid of an Islamabad summer to be as hot and humid as this one proved to be. I lost a few kilos in sweat, the hard gathered weight that I’ve been trying to accumulate through rigours in the gym of late. But I’m relieved since the breeze has started to blow cooler, taking with it the mid summer suffocation.

Suffocation I wish, was an accessory associated only to a weather condition; it broods in one’s mind too!. I hope for a similar breeze to caress through the corridors of my mind, for the cobwebs are densening.


24 thoughts on “Come, Relieve me!

  1. Assalamoalaikum,

    As for the weather remark, it has been the same here, suddenly towards the end of August we have to go and buy fans, not only is it hot but humid too, so fans are useless as it circulates the same hot air over and over again. SubhanAllah it is fresh and breezy today.

    I think our external circumstances, situations play a big role in how we feel. Unless.. you are Adil ! 😀 The cobwebs will only go away if you wish them to my Brother, but sometimes it is so hard to wish them away. It would pain you more to not have them rather then make them go away. sometimes clinging to a hope is all you have left. But we do not realise that we are losing out on what we could enjoy of life and really live it.

    May Allah give you the strength to bring a storm up there and wash everything away to make way for fresh sprouts InshaAllah

    1. Wsalaam!

      I’m rather surprised to know of the hot weather in Switzerland; the very name of the country brings to my mind the mountains and snow and winds and all chill. But yes, the affects of global warming can be seen even in the coldest of earth spheres.
      But here, to be honest I was looking forward to a romanticized barsat where cool breeze accompanies the rain showers; where the village folks put on swings on the tree branches and enjoy swing rides in rainbreeze; where samosas and pakoras are savored with tea while the rain pours outside. Disappointingly though, what we experienced were gallons of sweat and nothing much. I should stop the topic here for I’ve overexaggerated my whining, I’m afraid 😉

      Yes, the outside factors have obvious affects on our inner condition, on the way of our thinking and my state of mind could exemplifiy it; in my case the stimulating factor might not just be the weather, though!

      Bundle of thanks for your lovely prayers; I’m seriously awaiting that storm!

  2. nick

    hey adil bhai h r u? !!!! RAMAZAN MUBARIK !!!!
    weather’s been very good here in fsd from past few days n i think so is in isl. now.
    nice to see u in bright colours 🙂 alot of wishes for your inner weather too GOD BLESS YOU.

    1. hey, nick! nice to see you after a while! I’m fine, thanks, and Ramadan Mubarik to you as well! 🙂
      Yea, its good, am loving the current weather!

      Thanks for your prayers! 🙂

    1. Hey cav! Haan jee, baqaul shayer, sabaat aik taghayyur ko hay zamanay may .. so, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a good change in weather in and out! 🙂

  3. weight loss worry – you may just take few Kgs of mine please, gained at home lately. BM index limit mein hona mangta hay…

    All is well that ends well would not be suitable for iss dafa’s Sa’wan case. KabaRa nikal diya hamara!!!

    BTW, I still feel it here in Lahore’s posti atmosphere. It was much better in Peshawar though.

    1. Oh, that is so generous on your part; I wish that was possible! 😉

      We’ve never talked so much about the weather like we did this time around, a case in itself pointing to something wrong with it.

      Yes, Lahore is a bit warmer than Isb or Peshawar. But we shouldn’t worry, for ‘this too shall pass!’ 🙂

  4. How’s the weather and weight going now? I think in all the ramdan hustle and bustle my little 6, 4, and 2 yr olds have gained some weight, MashaAllah. Perhaps you need to listen more to your mother? 😀

    1. The weather’s just fine, on a warmish side but good enough with the breeze blowing almost all the day long. As for the weight, its intact I guess; I’ve started some light workout post taraveeh prayers, after a hiatus of around 2 weeks from heavy sweatlosing in barsat.
      Good to hear of your lil ones! 🙂
      May they remain healthy and a source of your pleasure!

  5. Ameen!!

    I cant believe you’re actually awake enough to not only do taraweeh but some work out too , MashaAllah!! Thats something!:D

    At my home, “people” need to be nearly dragged out of bed to do just the obligatoire…:D

    1. I don’t put a conscious effort to stay awake in the taraveeh hours; its summer season and one usually stays up till late in night, so its nothing to take credit for. Thanks for the gesture though! 🙂

      At home, I too am often dragged out of bed to do just the obligatories but we’ve gelled into a routine here at the hostel hence not much laziness of sorts.

    1. Yes, a cool breeze is blowing outside. The inner suffocation though still remains; I hope it won’t last long for I’m trying to breathe heavy. 🙂

    1. Yes, you are quite right; its a bliss to feel the breeze in the ‘green capital’ (which is fast losing the tag, though, courtesy the CDA’s cruel campaigns of chopping trees)

      Hey, welcome to this blog! 🙂

      1. chopping will make it diserted….. 😦
        I really don’t understand, why they think only in a way of making long highways without any greenry around…….
        thanks…….. 🙂

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