A Translation From Pushto ..

In Pushto by Rahim Khan Majrooh

Translation by Aadil Omer

The events of the last connection

of our relation were so sudden,

so ephemeral that I couldn’t sense it.

I can’t remember what we talked about last

except the words that you uttered,

‘I leave you to the protection of God,

‘You leave me to the protection of God.’

In a state of shock, I couldn’t believe

our parting even when a lot of days lapsed.

‘Nay! It cannot happen!’ I said

‘Our ways can’t be separated!’I thought.

Then the time withdrew its hand

of generosity from that of mine.

Then the fate separated its hand

of companionship form that of mine.

Then the universe of light and color

turned dull and dour.

Then the pines of the florid land

of my thoughts caught fire.

Then, the houris of the paradise

of my dreams turned to freaky vampires

of the streets of lonesomeness.

Then, a peculiar scene formed my backdrop.

As though someone drew the ground

from under my feet; I was hung in the air

like a pi-pal tree, grown within a wall.

From thereon, love,

neither smile visited my lips

nor sleep stayed in my eyes.

True, I’m alive but just like a corpse;

Like the pieces of a widow’s bangles

shattered in pain.


9 thoughts on “A Translation From Pushto ..

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  2. Goonga

    very eep thoughts…pain. also means that very well done Shah Jee…
    ‘like a pi-pal tree, grown within a wall’ imagine.
    Shah jee… I was wondering if you could translate some Punjabi or Urdu also. You are already familiar with punjabi or consult any one to understand. Its a request.

    I like the way you keep yourself interested, when you are not writing then you are doing translation work, you are also very good at this.
    Thumps Up for good work.

    1. So very thanks my friend! I’ve already experimented with translating some stuff from Urdu, a few Sindhi poems, and one or two Baluchi ones, posted on this blog in the past; I’ve got with me a few translations from Punjabi as well which I’ll post here once I get my hands on their originals that are missing somewhere.

      Yep, I try to learn to learn a thing or two in experimenting with translations especially when I’m not able to write my own thoughts, a scenario quite consistent with me these days. I’m glad you liked this little effort 🙂

  3. 🙂

    Although we love someone with all our heart, we never realise that by mourning for the lost seems only logical to us as we deem it loyalty, but to that person it never matters and we are further closing the doors to our happiness when someone else might come along and bring us even more love than we ever dreamed and infront of which everything past shall be nothing but a dream…

    I have seen people worse hit than the author of poem has portrayed, but live happily once they got someone honest and accepted them with truth..

    A super poem Aadil, Great Job!

    Hold on, did I hear YOU translated this!!! WOW

    MashaAllah ur talented!

    P.S if its not selfish could I have a look at the original? please?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. You are right, time is a great healer but the scars remain permanent I guess; yet one can only wish for the scenario that you described above 🙂

      I’m very glad you liked this one! I like your encouragement and support. Nope, its not selfish, I’ll sure send you the original. My pleasure! 🙂

  4. Thank you for sending me the original,. although it was in my own language and i felt the sweetness of it very strongly, I must say this is one translation done MUCh ebtter than the original, MashaAllah the translation has so deep feelings in it… Hmmm no more comments 🙂

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