In Love For The Night

Slumber in the shades
of your locks is naivete
hence I walk deep in
to the core of your soul
to heal my dreams away
from the piercing claws
of the sunbeams.

Night, o’ night,
why can’t you fight
that big, burning beast
who gnaws at your dark self
bit by bit, reducing you
to nothing.

Unlike you, I won’t
expose you to the perils
of the day; come dwell
in my craving chest
till you gain enough might
to wipe the false purity of white
off the face of the earth.


31 thoughts on “In Love For The Night

  1. Assalamoalaikum,

    Wow, now that was something, comeplete with the new theme to go with the poem…:D

    it was very intense, although i would rather invite the light to come into me rather than the night .. as long as its not just a fake illusion… but true white.

    I just thought to visit you here as I wrote my first 4 pushto non coherent verses too, take some tips from the master I’d say:p

    MashaAllah well written, and sigh, I would have to wait for you to get married or have your first son , InshaAllah for you to ask the light to come to you and never leave you. Surprise surprise I find myself telling young men and women ( mostly men because they have a choice,) to marry soon..:D Married women eh?

    1. You can have your optimism and I know this poem won’t go well on my bright-minded friends. Thanks, you still liked the poem along with this dark blog theme 🙂

      I’m eager to read your pushto verses; I might not give you tips but could well learn something from it.

      You know what, I’m seeing a lot of Asma Ahsan (a blog friend/sister who used to give us so many of such advices and was a nucleus of our group. She deleted her blog due to unknown reasons and is largely inaccessible these days ) in you. Good to have you around for motivation 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot!!! that’s a wonderful compliment, daa sa ooshu, munga raghlu dalta staso compliments dapara, aur taso mala rakoo:D

    In any case, keep up the good work, ill probably have to motivate you further for a bright, sunny theme and poem one day soon though 😀 InshaAllah

    1. Welcome .. the compliment was very much due (mine to you) hence I shared it 🙂

      So very thanks! Will like to have that bright, sunny state of mind 🙂

  3. Jet Black …Shining well (extreme of optimism lol)
    Black is beautiful, white is colorless!
    Shah Jee, kis andaaz sey aap ney panay ander chuppi zulmat ka azhar kia hai! wah jee wah. khoob.

    1. Thinking black is good, for a change 😀
      Yep, I’m all black!

      I couldn’t more hide the tilt in my thoughts (zulmat is biased word, coined by the pretenders of purity) hence this poem. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

      Where are you, my lost friend???

      1. !شاہ جی
        ابھی تو صرف دوریاں ہوئی ہیں۔۔۔۔
        ابھی تو اسے عادت بننا ہے۔۔۔۔
        اعر پھر بھول جانا ہے۔

  4. Ayesha

    Amazing poem! And you so beautifully invited the night to your chest… I would rather invite the light because since some time I feel that night tends to depress me while ironically it is the night which has given birth to the most beautiful thoughts in my mind (which I had off an on shared on my blog)!

    So this means I have bitter-sweet relationship with night 🙂

    1. I would rather invite the light because since some time I feel that night tends to depress me while ironically it is the night which has given birth to the most beautiful thoughts in my mind (which I had off an on shared on my blog)!/i> ..
      we humans are always ungrateful! 😛

      Thanks for liking the poem! 🙂

  5. spotlesssoul


    Now that’s one of real gems I’ve read lately. 🙂

    Despite being a lot melancholic these days, it was really worth giving a shot of reading and absorbing!:)

    And despite that am strong supporter of ‘light’ (in means of inner light, or the one which is brought “inside” one’s self), I am NOT inclined to ‘outer’ lights. Be it be a day light or bright luminous neon lights. They always turn me off :S While dim lights or darkness turn me on. I am among STRONG lovers of night, for night reflects me! It helps me be myself…

    So, for my heart, it was moving and touching in every possible manner!:)

    Keep up the brilliant work. It’s worth-doing young man.

    1. I’m very glad you liked this! 🙂

      To me this too is a melancholic piece; no wonder you read it with the same context.

      The inner light, noor or baseerat is something I too crave for, but this poem portrays a different state of mind, something of resent, of holding on to the darker shades of life when the day–life proves shallow and artificial.

      Thanks for your nice comment full of encouragement! 🙂

  6. @ goonga ..

    tumharay bas may agar ho tau bhool jao hamai’n
    tumhai’n bhulanay may shayad hamai’n zamana lagay ..

    Looking forward to your touching down the land of pure! 🙂

  7. Ahaan. I have seen many themes in black but none as good as this one. Its perfectly soothing to one’s mind (or perhaps to my state of mind). I believe black/darkness is a good ‘absorbent’ of our feelings and thoughts, perhaps that’s what make us more comfortable in it, specially when in a reflective mood.

    1. Yes, you’re perfectly right in saying that black is a good absorbent of our feelings and thoughts; black has always soothed my senses whenever I’ve felt vulnerable and down.

  8. Aadil,

    Beautiful poem my friend! I liked it very much the intense imagery and its effect…Apologies for being absent for a long time.

    Say hello to Cav as well as he seems to have locked his blog!! :)))


    1. You know what, I was thinking about you this morning in the context of how so many of friends have forsaken my life, of late. I’m glad you showed your presence.
      Thanks a ton for liking this poem! 🙂 Your comments have always been oxygen for my spirits and I’m sure it will help me breath some more in a creative sense.

      Will sure convey your hello once I come across Cav.

      Hope you’re well and fine!

      Go well! 🙂

  9. Assalamoalaikum,

    I just read the comments about the night being absorbent, and just fr the sakeof .. expression, I think light can be equally absorbent. White light not only absorbs the other colours, but assimilates them in such a way that they can only be seperated by a prism…Which means the other colours are only “protected” by the white light while still retaining their characteristics .

    The night only ..hides them. Does not assimilate the colours, it merely…. tries to put a false veil on the light and the smallest source of light can take away and tear the veil of the night apart. it is a fragile protection to take…

    I think that in order to bring peace and real protection of tranquility and happiness with oneself, one should take the veilof light, not night, That way it would be an inseperablebond where you would become ONE with the light and no one would be able to take your thoughts and your lights away from you unless they really really tried hard…

    Otherwise just lighting a candle would take your peace away…:)

    1. Wsalaam!

      I’m impressed with the detailed analysis you came up with!:) Logically you’re very right! But in the context of a particular state of mind (the one I wrote this poem in) light becomes blinding and night turns soothing for one’s nerves. I guess our contexts and perspectives matter more than the touchstones of logic and science about measuring a particular phase of time circle.

      Go well! 🙂

  10. Assalamoalaikum,

    I understand what you said and I think I have been through this phase as well, although I had been young, around 13.. that’s 12 years ago! But I learnt that when I take the light as my shelter, it gives me peace, night and dark use to make me feel guilty for some odd reason. Running away from pretentions isn’t brave, facing them and forcing your way thrugh them to reach a true friendship is the brave thing. 🙂

    I am not insensitive, most of the youth goes through the same phases I dare say most of the “sensitive and ntelligent” youth 😀

    It took me many years since my 14th year of life to take life in MY control rather than flow in ITS control… so i try and share some tactics, sorry not disrespecting anyone here ..:)

    Only a person sensitive to humanity goes through phases of thoughts and self analysis and sensing insincerity, whereas most people do not care. The live superficial lives day by day smiling at people they hate who hate them back and expressing fake emotions. That is disgusting.

    May Allah give all those people who think the power to utilise their sensitivity and goodness to change their lives and other peoples in a good way, Ameen.

    And Hey Adil, You are an awsome writer MashaAllah and have very good thoughts. It’s just pain thate xists over a long period of time becomes mature, kind of hard to face..

    1. I like the maturity in your thoughts and I feel sort of guilty; I should avoid this excessive whining! I should resist to be a victim of perpetual pain! I should take it easy! I wish it was that easy!

      Nothing to take from your point away; you’re so very true! 🙂

  11. You know these new wordpresssmileys are horrible :p they change the context of the comment completely, hehe:D the smile “thing” has its mouth wider open than one would have with a smile or should I say standarised by MSn smileys!

    And you are not whining. If you knew me beter you would run away from me when something bothers me, I whine and whne and talk about it until I have taken all the frustration out of my system. ThAts whining 😀

    I don;t see you whining rora, Allah darla sukoon ao kamyabi darka. I just am selfish, I want to see everyone happy… Mainly because that would make ME happy…


    1. I just need that, sis, the prayers for ‘sukoon’ and ‘kamyabi’. I like you to be selfish the way you are 🙂 I’m thankful for your presence, I really am!

      Khushala osey! ..

      1. Goonga

        [I just need that, sis, the prayers for ’sukoon’ and ‘kamyabi’]

        Shah ji, do you gamble over weekend for this ‘sukoon’ and ‘kamyabi’?

  12. @Goonga .. I wish if ‘sukoon and ‘kamyabi’ could be bought through a gamble! If possible I would have traded ma every possession for that! I’ve already pawned my dreams for that but peace and success are evading ma life.

      1. Yep, I’ve other ‘juwas’ to deal with, hence couldn’t make my mind to have fun .. you reminded me of the good ol times 😉

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