Slow And Steady Doesn’t Win The Race

This poem called Marriage A’la Mode by Sajjad Shaikh taken from the anthology ‘Pakistani Literature’ proves the notion of ‘slow and steady …’ wrong. I like this stark, sarcastic and somehow melancholic poem. Hope you too will like it.

“Did you meet Sulemanji?
Tha man in the double breast-nay-blue suit?
Yes, the only one who gave me a 4-door-chocolate-?
Brown Toyota Corona
as my birth day present.”
“You mean —that lusty old idiot
Who was sitting next to you?
And was devouring you with his leery looks?
“But he talked so fascinatingly.”

“Well, I didn’t like that at all.
Looked like a wild goat!
“Honey! Don’t be jealous.”
“Jealous? My foot!
Damn that bloody skunk!”
“Say what you please,
But he is a practical sort of man.
And you?
You are nothing but a pale,frail,gloomy,
dreamy,romantic idiot.
Yes, that’s what you are!
I like some of your poems.
Every body says they are nice.
But Sulemanji is a business magnate
From Dubai.
Last night he proposed to me,
after the party, you know.
And I am marrying him.
We are going to Switzerland.
Of course, for our honeymoon.
He has planned everything so meticulously.
So good luck to you,
and sweet dreams.”
“Farewell, fair cruelty–
That is—God damn you both!”

Moral: “Slow and steady doesn’t win the race.”


20 thoughts on “Slow And Steady Doesn’t Win The Race

  1. Slow and steady is actually a conservative and risk free kind of move; If suggested and mentored would be a precious gift; way better than fast and discoursed procrastinations at every step.

    1. It depends I guess. but from our societal point of view one can’t help but reject the notion of slow and steady winning the race especially in the context this poem’s been written.
      Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  2. Ayesha

    First about the style of poem: I have read many poems written in such style in Urdu but it is the first time I read it in English so I quite liked it.

    Now the content: It truly wrenched my heart. Because it is sarcastic and true. Slow and steady notion is a passe. If you notice everyone in search of a quick money… doesn’t matter where they get it from.

    That was an awesome poem. Thanks for sharing it with us 🙂

    1. Yes, I too was fascinated by the style of this poem; masterly rendered indeed!

      You’re right, we’ve left our genuineness far behind in this insanity of accumulating more and more material at the cost of some true human values like love and loyalty with our fellow beings.

      Thanks for comment 🙂

  3. Slow and Steady wins MARATHON race 😉 😛

    It was quite an easy poem for me to understand 😀
    Khair Bhaar mae jaye Suleman ji aur bhaar main jaye Haseena Ji 😉 Let them win 100 m race 😉
    Marathon zindabad! 😛

    1. Do you have a single example in the modern marathon history? 😛
      Why to curse her? She was wise as per the rules of the race. Wasn’t she? 😉

  4. I WILL make an example 😉 ( Khush Fehmian haha)

    Why did she go for 100 m ??? rona tu es baat ka hae naa ….. Marathon kay organiser kay sath reh k she participated in 100 m …

    Well yeh 100 m sirf Haseena ki priority nahi hoti Salman ji k liye , buhut se Salman ji bhi go for 100 m

  5. Moorwen

    No! Slow and steady still WINS the race. The ‘Suleman Jee’ and the ‘hungry prostitute (sorry but can’t accommodate any better word)’ may enjoy a year or a decade; but would eventually be found wrecked into ashes. The ‘slow and steady’ individuals are everlasting; immortal are souls with patience and self-sacrifice.

    Moreover, for the most part, death is NOT beginning of the end. Death is merely a switch over to immortal journey. How can we declare Suleman Jee a winner? Let’s recognize the braoder design.

    1. I totally agree to each and every word that you wrote here; twas bit of sarcasm that we indulged in while supporting the altered notion 🙂
      Thanks for the comment!

  6. Thats a very profound piece of poetry. Thanks for sharing Aadil. Hope you’ll share more of his works with us. 🙂
    As for ‘the slow and steady’ winning the race, I’ll lean towards Moorwen’s comment ! And I hope you agree too 🙂
    We must not give in to the greed and chagrin !

    1. Yes it is! My pleasure 🙂 Lemme dig more of his work out and I’ll definitely share his work with you folks.

      Yes I agree to moorven’s and your take on the topic 🙂

    1. Nope, it was written directly in english. To me its the usage of language that worked for this poem albeit the presence of a few cliches; they aren’t always bad 🙂

    1. I came across the story twice; once at the chowk link you mentioned and the other time in a team work training course. There’s so much to learn from those innovative stories of slow and steady …
      Thanks for reminding them! 🙂

  7. Quite true actually. Days are gone of slow and steady races won ratio, now a days you have to be fast and furious. And u know bus, Girl and train doesn’t wait 😉 but it’s also a fact one gone another comes 😀

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