The Glory Is Just One Step Away ..

105045.2We are bruised by internal strifes. We are down with the nuisance of militancy. But we are rising somewhere else, on the horizon of World Cricket. The world is looking at us with awe, with wonder. We are about to dazzle their eyes with the flashes of our talent. We’re about to lift the coveted trophy of the ICC World Twenty20, 2009; we are just one game away. a mere single game.

What we did last night was a proof of our capabilities. It was a slap on the faces of our detractors who wanted to close the doors of world cricket upon us. We were isolated. We were pushed to the corner. What we did last night just was a fitting response from the cornered tigers.

We are one game away and we need it the most. Our nation deserves it the most.

Come on, Afridi, Gul, Saeed, Akmal and all!

Just don’t let your desire fall!

Come bring the glory home

Which will roam

In the poisoned body

Of our ailing populace

To intoxicate

Like a panacea does ..

P.S: Picture courtesy

Update: We’ve done it! We’ve just done it! We’re on top of the world in Twenty20 cricket! Our boys’ve made us proud! We’re the champs!

Welldone team Pakistan! Welldone boom boom Afridi! Thanx for the smiles you brought on to so many agrieved faces in Pakistan! Thanx for giving us the present of the world Twenty20 trophy! Pakistan Zindabad!


34 thoughts on “The Glory Is Just One Step Away ..

  1. I damn care for source mentioning & all…all sources are paid back then & there with our visits… hum na hotay tau kin k liye post-tay ye loog. apni value samjho bhai. πŸ™‚

    I just agree with the comments, beautifully describing Afridi.

    1. Yes, I agree, but still there is no harm mentioning the source for it may sorta relieve us from any possible ‘qanooni charajoee’ from their side πŸ˜‰

  2. Unknown

    The trophy is waiting for the prodigious guts. Though, the collision of titans will eventually crown a sub-continent squad as champions but there would be only a single winner; the number one-nothing less.

  3. I’ammm reallyyyyyy happyyyyy for u alllllll..time to celebrate…..mere ek dost ne bohot khoobsurat qita likhi thi pak players par…wo share karna chahungi aap sab se.

    Tumhari match nahiN dil ko chhoo gaya mere
    Jo kaam tum ne usey jitney ke baad kiya
    Jhukaya sajda-e Khaliq meN sir sar-e maidaN
    Jo fatH deta hai pahle use ko yaad kiya

    “Jawaid Badauni”

    1. Wow .. thats a beautiful qitaa!! πŸ™‚ Indeed those were moments of pure ecstacy!

      So very thanks! πŸ™‚
      Regards to your friend. We’re grateful for his words! πŸ™‚

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