The Heart Spilled

It was succulent
with red, luscious blood
as it fruited
on a stalk of love, rooted
in the very soil
I’ve been molded from.

It waited to be plucked
and savored,
but a stone of indifference
burst it into a spill
of scarlet pain
which absorbed
into the very soil
I’ve been molded from.


18 thoughts on “The Heart Spilled

  1. thethoughtfultrain

    A beautiful poem … to depict feelings is difficult but you did an awesome job! I am on a poetry spree, new to it, so would be delighted if you can provide some constructive criticism.

    1. Thank you so much! Welcome to me blog! 🙂
      I too am a novice in what poetry is all about; these are just raw depictions of what I feel inside. Would be a pleasure to indulge in a process where I could learn newer things about poetry.

  2. Wow ! wonderful !
    & what beautiful imagery ! 🙂
    I love it !

    ps: somtimes i feel at a loss of words…appropriate enough to compliment your might be one of those days !

    1. Your postscript is irrelevant here coz you’ve already stated more than this poem deserved, in your preceding words 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. definately, so well written mAshaAllah. Keep up the good work, theres a hundred plus entries in ur poetry section, this was the first i read, ill keep coming with more comments and reads InshaAllah 😀

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