Pakistan’s Campaign In World T20

They were beaten badly by the South Africans in their first warm up game of the tournament but worst was to come later when they were trounced by the Indians in front of a packed Lords stadium, a match that was more than a warm up, a precursor to their further troubles against a desperate English team in their first match of the World Twenty20. Pakistan lost in a shambolic manner in a worst display of rusty batting, erratic bowling and a performance of fielding, the less mentioned the better.

They entered into yesterday’s match against the Netherlands with lots at stake; the aspirations of their supporters in millions, their credibility to prove themselves one of the better cricketing nations and most importantly their survival in the very tournament they were playing to move to the Super Eights in face of the challenge of a passionate Dutch side who had tasted the blood of success by catching England unawares in their first encounter. Pakistan weren’t to succumb, though. They played with a purpose and it showed when they posted a challenging total of 175 with all the senior players like Kamran Akmal, Younis Khan, Shoaib Malik and Misbah playing responsible knocks. But it was Shahid Afridi who tied the Dutch into knots and they never managed to find a clue. Saeed Ajmal and Shoaib Malik bowled well too, supported by a surprisingly good glovework by Kamran Akmal to take Pakistan through to the next phase.

The contentious statement of the Pakistan captain Younis Khan that ‘Twenty20 cricket is more for fun than serious business even if is international cricket’ in the wake of their loss to England raised a few eyebrows in the cricketing circles, didn’t prove that bothersome last night when the Pakistani team brought a few smiles to the sad faces of the Pakistani masses. We just hope the fun continuous . It is very much needed in todays Pakistan.

20 thoughts on “Pakistan’s Campaign In World T20

  1. Ayesha

    I was also relieved to see Pakistan win convincingly. Although it crossed me to see when they dropped two simple catches. ‘Catches win matches’ … so they need to work hard and to improve fielding.

    Younus Khan’s statement was very irresponsible. Cricket whether it is one day or T20 is fun but this doesn’t mean it should be taken lightly to the extent that losing a match or tournament didn’t bother them. Their job is to play and present a fantastic match. That’s what they are prepared for and that’s what people expect from them.

    1. Yes, they are very sloppy in the field. They need to improve on it quickly if they’ve any desire to move further in the tournament. You’re right, Younis was irresponsible and clumsy while facing media post the England match. I still doubt if he intended what he actually uttered courtesy his English speaking skills (or lack of it). Now the road to Younis’ redemption is all through good performances in the coming matches which might bring us another interpretation of the ‘fun’ word 🙂

  2. BMK

    Aadil, I guess younis khan is from Mardan as well. right? Uss ki WaaT lagnay vali hay after they are over with the thing, I tell you. 🙂 Though I agree with you that he might not mean the same… We need to ask him to explain in salees urdu. Remember, Kamran Akmal also used the same word FUN when he was declared man of the match…

    Haan, WaaT mein kuch kammi aa sakti hay if they surprisingly perform better in super eight. Pragmatically speaking, I am not expecting much due to the poor fielding & all. They just don’t seem interested to win, really.
    T20 is a game where all depts. need to put their best. sirf bowling or batting se kaam nahi chalnay vala.

    1. Yes, he belongs to Mardan. I’m not proud of his comments of late but one can’t ignore his credentials as a cricketer; a superb Test batsman, a triple centurian whose average lurks around 50. He surely is in hot waters courtesy his comments about the game of Twenty 20 but as you said he’s still got a chance to make amends for what he said.
      You’re right, fielding must be fine tuned if they stay any chances of advancing further in the tournament. But I’m hopeful they can do well with the inclusion of Razzaq to their squad and with a fitter Sohail Tanveer.

  3. nick

    well thats a great news that A.RAZZAQ is back,now we have a perfect team.
    1 advantage is we have IRELAND in our group yeh i remember what happend in the last worldcup but i’m sure pakistan will not make that mistake again to deal with them lightly n will give a better performance like they gave against netherland.i believe if we beat srilanka we will surely qualify for the semifinals.
    inshALLAH we will win.

  4. Aadil I ve always liked Younis for his batting; he’s been a very good player but here…i ve to agree with BMK. filhaal mujhe bhi yehi lag raha hai k uski waat lagnay wali hai ! lol ! 😀 ab bachnay k liye sirf yeh ho sakta hai k aagay kuch behter khelein…. sari team ko thori si ghairat dikhani paray gi…. jis ki filhaal kaafi kami hai un mein. itna afsos hota hai jub saaray kaam chhor kar hum match dekhnay beth-tay hein aur yeh log kaarnaamay karnay par utar aatay hein … fun ??!! they should rather come back home nd ve fun than embarrass the nation in a serious international tournament…

    1. Yes, they do disappoint us most the time and the joys we get from their side are very few and far between hence our expectation from them to do well and our lamentation when they don’t and the circle continues.

      What is ‘waat’ btw? I’m thickheaded, yes 😀

    1. Yes, they gifted it to the Sri Lankans. They were all set to chase it before Misbah threw away his wicket, followed by that of the brainless Afridi and the match was well out of our reach.
      Its disgusting to see the non performance of seniors like Misbah, Shoaib Malik and the pathetic Salman Butt who doesn’t stand a chance to be in this team. Sohail Tanveer too was very disappointing.

  5. nick

    sohail tanveer is unfit but then why was he playing? while we have other options.
    salman is not a 20 20 player i dont know why he is in the team.
    n ask afridi n he will rply i m a bowler my main priority is my bowling. NOT TEAM’s WIN idiot.
    n you see there was a scheme for srilanka 1+1 free
    if you get our one wicket we will give you next one free pakistanis are bighearted.
    jee bilkul bada dil aik bemari ha.

    1. Sohail Tanveer shouldn’t have played; he’s lost his luster, it seems.
      Salman’s a liability; I too wonder why’s he been given so many chances.
      I haven’t seen a bigger stupid than Afridi when it comes to shot selection.
      Lolls @ your formula one plus one 😀

  6. nick

    kya yara aadil kitni buraiyan karte ho ap loog pakistan team ki itna acha to khelte hain 😀

    pakistani team waise hi DO OR DIE situation per hi perform karti ha hamesha remember 92 worldcup.

    hope they will do well in next matches too.

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