The Songs Of Silence

The symphony of your soul
harmonized with the beats
of my heart
in a melodious tune,
which nature composed,
echoed in ourselves

but the orchestra faded
in the rising clamor of a
scornful throng – they feared
music may enchant us
to the forbidden tracts of love.

We laughed at their naivete
as we sailed above the reach
of their graveling din
to share the songs of our silence
and meet in an eternal embrace.


12 thoughts on “The Songs Of Silence

  1. nick

    so0o0o0o0 beautiful.
    loved these lines.

    We laughed at their naivete
    as we sailed above the jagged
    reach of their evil din
    to share the songs of our silence. =d>

  2. i love it ! 🙂 as i said already. i ve always admired your poems for they re always purposeful unlike mine which happen to be more like rants…and more than that i love the way you execute your ideas…this one’s no exception ! 🙂 your choice of words in this poem is beautiful too.
    but may i suggest you replace ‘throng’ with a word that goes with your poem. in my opinion, it is killing the mood of this poem. may be you can use a word… like ‘hive’….which is a bit softer (both in terms of sound…and meaning). similarly you may also want to consider replacing ‘fussy’ ? for the same reason….you can use a word like….. ‘gravelling’ , perhaps ?
    the poem was really really pretty ! 🙂

  3. You know what, I love your vocabulary! While I’m not sure whether ‘clamour’ will gel well with your suggested word ‘hive’, a beautiful word phonetically, ‘graveling’ surely is the word I was looking for. I’ll replace it as per your suggestion. I’m glad you came back with a worthy comment.

    Thanks for liking this little effort 🙂 One thing more, I won’t call your poems just ‘rants’, they are very powerful creations. Yes, I mean it! 🙂

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