The Blank Diary

To similize the protagonist’s life to that of an un-attended diary might not be an apt analogy, but the thought came when I looked at the blank pages of the diary I keep rather unwritten. I’ve been treating my diary badly for not sharing with it things that it deserves but the blame should go to my inability than desire; I’ve been hit by a bad bad expression block for quite some time and the things I pour every now and then on this blog are desperate efforts to come out of it. This poem’s no exception. I’ll definitely like your comments for improvement.

A diary book famished
for a feeling to reflect,
I turn page after a blank
page of existence,
each the passing day,
yearning to absorb
your woes,
to preserve
your bliss.

In the pitch dark
your stare draws
a silver streak of hope
over this heart
but the words
I need, lie frozen
in your arctic self

I wait for
a climate change
to melt your thoughts
in a flow of words
towards me

and I’ll ever adorn
my being with the
gems you’ll express,
till I’m placed
in the archives
of the past.


18 thoughts on “The Blank Diary

  1. Sweeeeet ! ! !

    ‘In the pitch dark
    your stare draws
    a silver streak of hope
    over this heart
    but the words
    I need, lie frozen
    in your arctic self’

    Beautiful !!!!!!!!

    ‘yearning to absorb
    your woes
    or enhance
    your bliss. ‘

    Overwhelmed with agonizing suffering ,we are not often unkind to our diaries but also to some other relationships of same traits 😦

  2. farhan

    Diaries are probably obsolete now in this day and age of internet blogging and tweeting. But the joys of keeping a real physical diary away from the eyes of the public and in whch you can write about your deepest darkest secrets, your frustrations, and your little joys, that is completely different from writing and maintaining a blog. A real physical diary tends to establish a sort of deep connection with its writer, and often well kept diaries go with the person to the grave.

  3. Ayesha

    I too have many blank diaries. I can’t seem to write as good as I can on my blog. I am also suffering from (kind of) writer’s block since some time.

    Reading your poem doesn’t make me feel at all that you are suffering from expressions’ block. It is a wonderful poem as usual.

    1. I thought it was just me but now I’m a bit satisfied that I’m not the lone culprit 🙂

      Thanks for appreciating a rather forced effort of mine! 🙂

  4. i liked the way you gave analogies of ‘famished book’ and also ‘gems you express’….really nice.. though i cant say much about the structure of the poem…over all it was unique 😀

    1. That might be your first comment then 🙂
      And I make it a point not to let any of ma first visitor unwelcomed. Goodness must be around; isn’t it?

  5. good shot!

    I too buy a diary every year but at the end, theres just my name on it and nothign else.

    interesting… if diaries could speak up, my nick would fit to it.

    1. Hello sir jee! 🙂 Khush bash? Theek taak?

      As for the comment, I too am more or less like you, keeping blank diaries hence I myself become one 😉

      Kab aa rahay ho?

  6. i loved reading every single word of it. i liked the analogy in particular ! 🙂 and i ‘d agree with Ayehsa, i dont think you are suffering from a writer’s block. this was beautiful work as usual.
    i loved the opening stanza the most. welldone sir 🙂
    and keep writing.

    1. I expected you to give me a mild criticism for improvement as you know, I can’t digest heavier stuff but then, I’ll take it whatever you have to say 🙂 You ARE inspiring, I must say!

  7. now that you provoke me, take it ! 😀 Here >>
    1. line break first line > should end at ‘famished’ instead of ‘book’ , in my humble opinion. ‘for a’ will then be added to the third line. I think it’ll read better.
    2. “I turn page
    after a blank <> the poem was beautiful & i loved the analogy you chose ! 🙂

  8. a big part of my comment got deleted automatically, i dunno why…nyway, again >
    you can scratch out the last two lines; also you can replace ‘enhance’ in second last line of first stanza.

    ps: may be i ve crossed the limits you d set for me but i felt it appropriate to tell u what i felt.if you consider my suggestions, i’ll indeed feel honoured. you re the best judge afterall ! 🙂

  9. Thats more like it .. 🙂 Done! Is it better? .. worthy suggestions on your part. I too wasn’t much sure about the last few lines of the last stanza, the last two lines were sort of unwanted extensions. Thanks for suggesting their removal 🙂
    And how’s the word ‘preserve’ to replace the ‘enhance’? ..
    They say laughter and joys are temporary so I thought why not preserve them; diaries could do it for us, I guess. What u say?

    And nope, you’re well within the limits 😉 Good for me 🙂

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