The IDP’s Of Swat And Buner

Ignominy pulled the chaddars
of the heads of their womenfolk
and indignity handed begging bowls
to the men once very esteemed.
Their children flash on our tv screens
like stars but they are meteors of irony.

The protection of their homes
sulked into illusion for no fault of theirs
as they stumble upon mirage after mirage
getting hurt in the process.

The piercing holes of bullets in their souls
are beyond the therapeutic agents
but their bodies could surely be saved
from the sharpened jaws of the apocalypse.

Let they not be consumed by strife,
chasing the humans like a beast on pursuit
for we may well be the next
if it fancied the human blood.


9 thoughts on “The IDP’s Of Swat And Buner

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  2. It’s heartbreaking to watch the people of Swat and Buner in such miserable conditions. Intolerable and unbearable pain has been inflicted on them. You are right when you say that they should not be left unhelped. May we all realize the gravity of the situation.

    Your poem…..

    People like you make MARDAN ! ! !

    1. Thanks for the comment!
      I’m glad you share the concern which must be shared by every sane citizen of Pakistan for we are caught in serious trouble. Hope we all are united to help the calamity-struck of our society.

  3. I wish they all return to the safety of their homes as soon as possible, that is the peace is soon restored to the regions where they some from. If nothing else, we can at least pray for them when we bow our heads in front of Almighty.
    As for the poem, I can understand how it must be like for you to write about the situation that prevails in swat and its surrounding areas. Anyway, you’ve put it all so brilliantly. 🙂
    I just wish that we all see a future where we dont have to write about such things…a peaceful tomorrow that is.
    Great work Sir !! 🙂

    1. I share your dreams for the future. May our land relieve from the evil grips of violence!

      Thanks for the comment! Its always a pleasure to see you here 🙂

  4. Ayesha

    That’s what we call skill when a person can express his feelings poetically.

    Their children flash on our tv screens
    like stars but they are meteors of irony

    That just pierced my soul 😦

    1. Yes, their stories wrench our hearts and pierce our souls. We can only hope for the things to improve so that they can move to their abodes without any insecurities to their lives and property.

      Thanks for the comment!

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