The Old Lament — The Writers Block

Boundaries appear
and great walls stand tall
around my thoughts
to confine me from preying on words
and feeding the white sheets
for my survival

Unable to fetch
fresh food for thought
I’ll keep munching on
cliched words and phrases
scribbling the old lament —
the writers block,
hoping for the walls
to crumble, waiting
to inhale the air
rich in newer ideas
and write till the end.


12 thoughts on “The Old Lament — The Writers Block

  1. Hmm…you are already over the writer’s block yaar 🙂
    I am always so fascinated by the fluency that seems so inherent to your poetry. This one is another fine example.
    Also, the way you always present the cliches in a different manner. And that is ‘art’, my friend 🙂
    Reading you, one feels you are so comfortable with the use of words…like…it seems you dont have to struggle. It is otherwise with me. I write & I throw it in my dustbin, and I do it again and again and again before I can actually write something that is worth posting on the blog.

    and feed the white sheets
    for my survival
    — that is beautifully said… 🙂

  2. @ Cav .. I’m not worth such kind remarks but I’ll keep it for inspiration, for I regard you, yourself to be one of the real talents I’ve come across the blogsphere.

    As for the poem, it wasn’t easy coming as I’m tied tightly but this annoying block for quite long I guess. I might tweak it a bit in light of the suggestions I might be receiving from a few friends.
    Yours is the right approach to write and re-write the stuff in order to compose refined, well rounded pieces. I rush on with things mostly to keep my blog floating, which isn’t a right approach as I might require lots of editing in case I decide to compile the stuff for a serious purpose like publication.

    Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

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  4. Unable to fetch
    fresher signs of life
    I’ll keep munching on
    the cliched thoughts,

    “UNABLE to fetch ….”

    Quite painful to accept it 🙂
    Beautiful lines !!!

  5. spotlesssoul

    Since I myself am going through this writer block from past almost an year or two, so I could really have the feeling of being explained 🙂 And as this is the flow of words and sensitivity inside a piece of writing that stirs a heart. I gotta admit that this composition of yours really touched me 🙂
    May Allah be your guider and helper in all you do, Ameen.

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’ll appreciate your insights as I can sense you yourself to be a worthy writer. I’m grateful for your kind words of prayers! 🙂

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