Cherish, Not Consume

In obedience of a caprice
you tore apart the wrappings
(textured with dreams)
and got hold of the essence;
a red, throbbing, present
that I sent you
quivered with fear.

Your erstwhile slender fingers
(that often mingled with mine)
shaped into piercing claws
as they clenched my heart
and held it to the Vampirish teeth,
(smiling, symmetrical)
which sucked it in your gluttony.

The urge to feed on love
manipulates your lovely features
as you move from sanity to craze
and crave to devour more.

Gifts are to cherish, not consume
for the reservoir might run dry.
Preying on others’ emotions,
to satiate your self-inflicted hunger
may weaken you within
and I don’t want you to crumble.


12 thoughts on “Cherish, Not Consume

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  2. @ UTP … It isn’t pretty, yes 🙂

    @ nadia … I apologize .. the thought came in a flash and I converted it in ten minutes or so I guess, amid the frightening mess of the office work. Am trying to improve on it, but the horror factor, I’m afraid will show there. An aberration, it should be called, from my other poems.

  3. yr Aadil Khan app to din bin din nikhartay ja rahay how. lagta hi k app ke poetry collection jald market main ajay ga. and u will be surprised when i will buy 100 books and will distrubte in all major library of pakistan free of cost just to show who tallented my friend is…….No doubt a genious one..!

  4. Asma Ahsan

    hehehehe – I don’t want you TO crumble, darling!

    Grammer please… 😛

    Hmm – if this is for real, bhaabi may crumble you up and toss you in the bin…

    So POLITE we are… 😛

  5. @ Cav .. I’m grateful, man. Will write about it. 🙂

    @ Balli Chaudhry .. Thanks for your kind gesture 🙂

    @ Asma Jee .. I’m glad, an editor showed which I dearly needed when I’m trying fine tuning this poem. I’m fortunate to have come across some really great minds who help me with through valuable comments and suggestions for improvement.
    Thank you 🙂

  6. @ Cav .. Thanks for the comment 🙂 It actually is a prohibition against over-indulgence. But one can’t help it while in love; its easier said than done. Whatever, I tried my bit to incorporate the message into a poem, notwithstanding the crudeness of my expression.

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