Writing In Urdu

Below here are my rather amateurish efforts to write an Urdu ghazal and a poem. The prompt actually was ‘the mushaira page’ in Asma’s blog which is an interesting place for us friends to try and flex our poetic muscles 😛

The Ghazal (to be completed)

Mujhay is qaid say aazad karna, phir chalay jana,
Koi aisa hunar eejad karna, phir chalay jana

Mujhay tau dard ki saughat hi bas chahiye tum say,
Bhalay khud ko hi kitna shad karna, phir chalay jana

Mohabbat amr hay apni, jadayee wehm hay tera!
yehi tum nay kaha tha, yaad karna, phir chalay jana

Meri yeh sarzamee’n bay barg hay, bay baar hay, is par
Koi tau gulsita’n aabad karna, phir chalay jana

The Poem: ‘Kaanch Kay Khaawb’

Kaanch ka panchi
udnay ko beytaab.

Hawa kay hatho’n may
pathar hain, naya shikaar
giranay ki hay aas.

Dil daman may jaga nahi hay
har soo paday hain
kirchi kirchi khaawb.

Zid ki aag may jalta punchi
bharnay laga udan,
aik hi pathar kar gya isko
tukdo may taqseen.

Meray man may dher huay hain
is kay sabhi nishan,
dil hay lahu luhaan…


19 thoughts on “Writing In Urdu

  1. yeh urdu mein he yahan likha jata tu kia he baat thi janab 🙂

    I always envy dufferistan,billu billa, lafunga…how do these guys manage to blog in Urdu, I wonder. I mean how is a blogging platform set up for Urdu blogging?

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  3. farhan

    Nice Aadil. Now we would like to see you actually sing that ghazal, because that’s what poets in our part of the world do! I hope you are tuning your vocal cords along with your poetic muscles 😉

  4. farhan

    bigtugboat, it’s quite easy to write in Urdu if you are using a phonetic keyboard. I’m not quite sure what it is 😛 but the purpose of it is to make Urdu typing easier. And you also need to install the language pack for your installation of windows to support the urdu fonts.

  5. @ bigtugboat .. I too would love to do that and I’m in search of an Urdu word processor where I could write and copy paste it into these posts. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

    @ farhan … that won’t require much of tuning as I consider myself quite adept at singing notwithstanding the contempt people reserve for my voice 😉 waisay, I’m more into humming Pakistani pop songs especially that of Vital Signs and most the singers of the nineties.

  6. waah ji waah u surprise me with something new when ever i visit ur blog Adil, Nice attempt..chalo ab humein aur bhi shayri parhne ko milegi…just don’t stop, keep exploring…Allaah zor-e-kalam aur de.

  7. مجھے اس قید سے آزاد کرنا، پھر چلے جانا،
    کوئی ایسا ہنر ایجاد کرنا، پھر چلے جانا

    مجھے تو درد کی صوغات ہی بس چاہئے تم سے،
    بھلے خود کو ہی کتنا شاد کرنا، پھر چلے جانا

    محبت امر ہے اپنی، جدائی وہم ہے تیرا!
    یہی تم نے کہا تھا، یاد کرنا، پھر چلے جانا

    میری یہ سرزمیں بے برگ ہے، بے برہے، اس پر
    کوئی تو گلستاں آباد کرنا، پھر چلے جانا

  8. کانچ کا پنچھی
    اڑنے کو بیتاب۔

    ہوا کے ہاتھوں میں
    پتھر ہیں، نیا شکار
    گرنے کی ہے آس۔

    دل دامن میں جگہ نہیں ہے
    ہر سو پڑے ہیں
    کرچی کرچی خواب

    ذد کی آگ میں جلتا پنچھی
    بھرنے لگا اڑان،
    ایک ہی پتھر کر گیا اسکو
    ٹکڑوں میں تقسیم۔
    (Errata: tukdo may taqseem)

    میرے من میں ڈھیر ہوئے ہیں
    اس کے سبھی نشان
    دل ہے لہو لہان

  9. @ goonga jee … Thats what I really wanted 🙂 Now, help me get a link of some online urdu word processor from where I could copy paste my urdu stuff. I’m sure you’ll help.

    @ MZ … Its all the encouragement you people render to my little efforts in poetry and nothing else 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  10. kashkin

    koi tou gulistan aabaad karna, phir chaley jana…

    beautiful ghazal…Aadi pehlawan….you are definitely going into all realms of literature and art….English, Pushto, Urdu….

    I can imagine something coming up from you in Sindhi, Balcohi and Punjabi….

    Imagine a Kafi from you…..that will be great and if you can sing it as all the other friends suggested, then we have definitely have a deadly cocktail and house on fire scenarios…..

    Once again, brilliant and fantastic effort..

  11. kashkin

    I remember seeing Goonga Jee’s comments in Urdu syntax on chowk as well on Long March poems….

    If i were you, let him do the hard work….Its not that easy as you may think……..:)))))))

  12. kashkin

    And now I am moving off to the world of the gypsy friend..Cav…He has been writing some stuff lately…I guess another ghazal on his side as well…..

    becharay mehdi hassan ko kyoun tum logh tang kur rahay ho? !!!!!!

  13. @ Kashkin .. I wish I could understand all the languages spoken in Pakistan! At least I’d like to improve on the ones I understand hence my twisting and breaking of their limbs 🙂

    Thanks for encouraging the little efforts of me naive! I’ll surely improve if you people remain as cooperative as you are!
    As for the goonga jee, he’s a master of all those difficult computer languages. You’re right we better leave the technicalities to him.
    And Cav .. he’s one hellova talent! Hope he’ll update his blog for all us fans.

  14. Asma Ahsan

    Aadil – I go away for a few days and I see that you have written more while I was away than you do in my presence. 😛

    Hmm – maybe I should retire after all if it makes you so talkative. LOL! Good posts. 🙂

    Hop over to the Mushaira page now.


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