Mother Of A Missing Son

The post 9/11 Musharraf era in Pakistan saw an unprecedented rise in hand overs of Pakistani citizens to US investigative agencies by our own government on the pretext of cooperating with the world against terrorism, which to many, in fact, was a move to earn monitory gains on part of the government at the expense of the poor citizens keeping in view the procedure the government adopted for the purpose. Most the missing persons were abducted and handed over by the secret agencies without being trialled in any of the country’s courts. Their near and dear ones were kept completely ignorant about their faults or their whereabouts, for that matter. There still are hundreds of families trying to locate their missing ones but the chances of their success look very bleak especially in the current scenario when an illegitimate judiciary is a the helm. The deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry surely was a whiff of fresh air for the troubled families, who initiated sue moto actions to investigate the cases of illegal hand overs; an action which most probably led to his sacking by the all powerful Musharraf.

The poem below is a description of an old woman who lost her son in the above-mentioned circumstances.

Her eyes, ever-awake in wait,
to reflect a certain image,
lost its sheen
and turned into stones
which sprout tears
that never cease to
roll down her wrinkled cheeks.

Her arms tremble with the
burden of age, remain stretched
to embrace the missing part
of her existence.

Her heart ails with the fear
that she will be sent
on the journey of eternity
without someone to console
through goodbye whispers.

How long will she catch
the glimpses of a mirage
but her dear son?
How long an empty bosom
will mock her futile hopes?

Hope, the shine of her eyes
will rise like a new dawn
to soothe her weary self
right till she breathes her last.
Hope, she will never depart
with a heavy heart.


9 thoughts on “Mother Of A Missing Son

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  2. @ Asma Jee .. Thats exactly the case with every mother. One can’t imagine the plight of all those mothers who lost their kids to the evils within the state. May they be healed!

  3. Ayesha

    Aadil: That is a very moving poem. You must have remember my post about the abducted people. Darn it! I forgot the title πŸ˜›

    Anyway, as people say when someone dies, one can cry and have ‘sabr’ but when someone goes missing it becomes too difficult to deal with it. One can spend ages hoping for the return of the loved one.

    That’s a fantastic poem written for a worthy cause.

    All the best!

  4. @ Ayesha .. Yes, I remember a series of posts that you wrote in Dr. Afia’s case. This one exactly is in the same connection. Thanks for your encouraging comments and welcome back to me blog πŸ™‚

  5. Aadil I liked the way you’ve used the word ‘wait’ in the first line. Simple & perfect !
    And I loved this part too:

    “How long will she catch
    the glimpses of a mirage
    but her dear son?
    How long an empty bosom
    will mock her futile hopes?”

    The poem is really really good — both for the way it’s been written and the cause for which it’s been written !
    Thumbs up for you ! πŸ™‚

  6. Aadil no doubt, it been a great tragedy in the history of Pakistan when the citizen of Islamic Republic of Pakistan were sold in dollars. Those who are involved in this criminal act are worse than beast.
    This poem realy saddened to feel the condition of a mother whose son has victim of these beast.

  7. No comments, just silent prayer..Allaah sabr ata kare us maa ko jisne apna lakht,e jigar khoya hai.

    Adil as always ur words speak the pain..May the journey of writing never end..God bless.

  8. @ cav .. Thanks dude! Your comments very appreciated πŸ™‚

    @ MZ … I agree to what you have to say. Thanks for the comment!

    @ aarzoo .. Ameen to your prayers! Thank you so much, for the appreciation!

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