Kinoo with remarks ..

I was sitting alone in my cubicle, thinking about something, totally mistaken by one of my colleague as he sent me this kinoo with some funny remarks.


I wiped it shiny to negate what he thought I was thinking about. And here it is ready to be peeled of and savored.



44 thoughts on “Kinoo with remarks ..

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  2. kashkin

    Nick is right ….second attempt…

    chalow Aadil is behanay humain pata chal gaya..:)…Oh man, this concept of cubicles at work place is so irritating…..shouldnt this be open space….:) But i guess then one has to compromise on privacy…

    Sorry for being away from the blog world again..only yesterday i started writing it again …
    Just finished a poem on Rehman Baba….Nightingale of Pukhtonwalla…

  3. Folks .. nick’s guessed it right. That particular friend of mine is a genius in guessing peoples’ mind but this time he got it wrong, I guess 😉

    @ bmk, Billu, bliv_in_magic … my friend said ‘Enjoy the kinoo .. don’t think much about girls’ 😉

    @kashkin .. Yes, I feel suffocated at times, sitting in this tinier office; its good for privacy though. Welcome back .. am eager to read your poem on Rehman Baba. 🙂

  4. bmk

    aadil, your guess is wrong about urself. larkion k baaray mein sochna is so natural. mera tau aik ghanta bhi nahi guzarta, aisay. : )

    ok, if he meant k ZYAADA na socha karo then you could be right. : )

  5. @ bmk .. lolls .. yes, he stressed on ‘ziada’ which he guessed wrong I guess 😉
    waisay, aap say kya chupana, may itna bhi shareef nahi hoon keh bilkul hi na socha karoon coz as you said .. its so normal .. lol

  6. bmk

    larkiya’n!!! univ. mein canteen or any gathering per most fav. topic… ab aap line pe aa rahay hain… so tell us who do you think about; kabhi kabhi, as you say? : )

  7. bmk

    how sad… sab apnay loog hain yaar…agR paisa bananay ka plan ban raha hay aap ka tau I am ready to buy the ticket 2 ur dreamland… 🙂

    I must also re-consider, sharing news about the evening walks… I am anxiously waiting for ‘her’ to visit our place again, this summer… phir vohi loadshedding & ……

  8. I won’t like to show you the glimpses of a world not real. I guess I’m enough to float in a fantasy world when reality have shut the doors on me. You are great people with practical persuits .. real walks .. real ‘her’ .. real dark evenings .. and what not 🙂

    Waisay, raat may nay sana mirza ko Geo pay dekha which reminded of you .. 😉

  9. Nayni

    Myri taraf se aap apney es ‘genius’ friend ka dhearooooooooooooon shukria ada krna jis ki bdolat hmain yeh ‘naa-ranj(i)’ post aap k blog pe parhney ka moqa mila 😛 😉 😀

    Kinoo khatta tha ya meetha ????

  10. @ bmk … buri baat … how could you call someone an expression-less ‘soul’ who until a few days back was wished to be a ‘soul-mate’? They are right ‘waqt waqt ki baat hoti hay’ .. lols

    @ Nayni … Oh, why not! Thanks for liking this orangy post 🙂 And yes, the kinoo tasted sweet 🙂

  11. @ bmk .. you can trust me for that .. so you’ve decided to be ‘mangnified’ .. achay bhalay tau thay app .. yeh kya dil may samayee? .. 🙂 anyways .. besta luck!

  12. bmk

    fanx yaar, I have been attending few weddings lately & liked the things…so mera bhi diL kar raha hay ab to get mangnified & all… I must do it soon k mood change na ho jaayay. 😛

    & I take my words back about Sana Mirza; expression less soul. hansti nahi hai par roi zaror hay. : )
    remember her crying when Geo was banned… I really felt for her… uss ki khatir ban order vapis le laina chaiya tha. no!!!

  13. yaar … waqi aapkay mood ka koi pata nahi chalta .. ab todi dair pehly sana mirza pathar ka aik buth tha aur ab woh buth rota bhi hay .. lolls .. sach kehtay hain, pehli muhabbat nahi bhoolti chahay aap kitna hi koshish aur haqeeqat say inkaar karo 🙂

  14. bmk

    hahaha …I don’t believe in the pehli muhabbat & love @ first sight things. :p

    btw, do you predict k mein khoob sandals khanay vala hoon, due to my swinging mood or ik dafa he kaam tama’m kareygi voh, mera? 🙂

  15. @ bmk … there is no doubt about it … you ought to take classes of self-defense in advance for who knows what kind of ordeal is awaiting you .. phir bhi .. best of luck 😉

    @ farhan .. tau aap nay bhi aahai’n bharni shuru kar lee’n? .. is ka matlab hay aap bhi???
    waisay it will be an aberration hearing something of a love-story involving you coz you didn’t seem to indulge in the topic before. Did you? 🙂

  16. hey bmk,
    I watched sana mirza, she is just trying hard to be news anchor…stupid questions. woh wali qudrati baat nahin rahi 😉 theres news of some new sensation on GEO…who is that?

    Shah Jee,
    aisey b kufran-e-naimat nahi karna chahiye… miss calls tou real hoti hain. dont tell me that you stopped attending calls.

    BTW kinney kinney kinno khaya?

  17. Although I know that oranges are quite good for health, I’ve never liked their taste.. In fact, I kindda ‘dislike’ it! The pure orange juice is not less than a nightmare for me… honest!

    Khair, I also wanted to say that I like the Hugo’s words in the description of the blog.. ‘Very true!’, is my reaction to them.

  18. bmk

    Opti-Man, Zara goonga k ghaR ka number daina… He’s missing the qudrati pan in Sana Mirza. 🙂

    Goonga, sensation wali news baseless hay… we would like to knoe more about the missed call story…

    Farhan Sahib tau aisay pose kar rahay hain as if he’s PhD in this department. 😛

  19. farhan

    AamirRiaz, how can you not like oranges man? bmk here is like the god of oranges, he can tell you how great they are!

    bmk, I am no PhD, I am merely encouraging Aadil pa 😉

  20. bmk

    Yes, oranges are so full of Vitamin-C… ihtijajan, I went for aik darjan kinnoos today & plan to order for one darjan more…

    farhan sahib, u need to share tips, based on the route bus’s experience. 😉

  21. Aamir,
    well you are odd regarding oranges, mostly people do nolike some fruits but orange.

    farhan: just tell him “ab bmk mera tajarba jiye ga… bmk aish kar bacha!”

    bmk: it was typo mishtake, i was saying that about oranges 🙂

  22. Oranges…Remarks on em…Girls… & Sana Mirza ! 😀
    Baat kahan say kahan nikal jaati hai !
    Waisay bhai sahib yeh kaun hein jin k baaray mein aap “kabhi kabhi” socha kartay hein? 😉

  23. @ farhan … bmk is very right in the demand of some mashwaras from a multitalented person like YOU. As we are naive in the field we are in ‘dire’ need of it. Plz paa jee! 🙂

    @Goonga … in Ghalib’s beher I’d say that;
    pehlay aatay thay sms unkay
    ub tau miss calls bhi nahi aatay 😦

    @ Aamir .. Welcome to my blog! You are true; Victor Hugo said some gem of the words hence I put a line of his on my blog header to make it shine in the dark. And yes, I too am surprised to know about your dislike for oranges. Kinda strange!

    @ CAv … ek hasina thi .. jo meray khawb nagar may rehti thi .. lakin woh meri real life may aanay say kitrati thi .. woh buhut maghroor thi aur may buhut ana parast .. so woh meray khawbo’n ki dunya tak hi mehdood rahi .. aur is tarah life cycle khatam ho gya.
    Kaisi kahani garhi hay! I should try my hand at writing stories. I’ve lots of imagination I guess 😉

  24. Shah jee, sardion k mosam man dhoop main beath kinoooo khaney ka maza he alag hai. Waisey akelay akelay aap ko kinoooo hazam kaisay ho gaey? 🙂

  25. Ayesha

    Hahahahaha! Thanks for writing down the remarks because I too couldn’t read it due to the shine 😛

    That was funny! 😀

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