We Are Sorry, Sri Lankans!

No one ever imagined that calamity of such magnitude would strike Pakistan and Pakistan’s cricket right in the heart of its cricket headquarters and that too at the expense of its guests; the Sri Lankan cricket team who braved the international concerns to visit Pakistan when no one was prepared to visit. The visitors’ bus was attacked by unidentified terrorists while en route to the393223 Gaddafi Stadium for the third days play of the second cricket Test between the two teams. 6 Sri Lankan Players were reported to be injured in the unprecedented incident of its kind along with a few officials.

The act is extremely despicable and it shouldn’t have happened. The innocent cricket players haven’t done any wrong to anybody. It could only be carried out by some f*ing cowards. It is for sure, however, that the incident will prove destructive for the game of cricket in Pakistan.

Let us demand for a thorough investigation of the incident! Let us demand for the culprits to be found out and brought in to justice! Let us pray for the martyrs of the incident! Let us say SORRY to the Sri Lankans for the unfortunate events that struck them on our land!


16 thoughts on “We Are Sorry, Sri Lankans!

  1. bmk

    sissy govt. jab power mein ho tau yahi expect kiya ja sakta hay… not a single kharaash came to any of the attackers… :@
    & they made their way so easily… khoon kholnay lagta hay to think about it…
    down with salman taseer ***** & Shareefs *****

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  4. @ Duffer … Its never too late to say sorry. I agree that our sports have been jolted for destruction, though.

    @ bmk … You’re quite right. Its a shame that none of the attackers could be obstacled! Yes, the incident have a lot to do with the volatility of the political situation in the province especially when Taseer was busy maneuvering the bureaucracy in his favor without focusing much on the security of the visiting Sri Lankan team.

    @ Goonga .. the darkest day in the history of Pakistan sports 😦

  5. kashkin

    I agree with all you said Aadi and the comments..cricket is dead…

    Even the Musharuf, the old idiot was saying that there was a lapse in the security…Yes there was…Most of the security and police infrastructure is utilised for protocols and security of politicians..forget the sri lankan cricket team or pakistani people for that matter…

    I shall read and leave my comments on your poems in few hours time as i need to catch up with sleep..its 3 in the mornig here in UK and i am still awake….

  6. Hey I’m from Sri Lanka. We totally understand the problem. There are few people shouting over this issue but most of us are understanding the ground situation!

    Its NOT Pakistanis who did it.. Its some Al-Queda war mongols

  7. I pray there is peace at every nook n korner of the world…And at this time of crisis instead of blaming each other it’s better to keep our senses and unity intact and fight with the negative forces.

    Allaah apne rahmat barsaai zameen ke zarre-zarre par..ameen

  8. @ mayooresan … Let’s hope for the investigation reports to come out which might give us an idea of who the perpetrators were … I appreciate the take of the Sri Lankan people and its government on the issue. Peace! 🙂

    @ aarzoo … You’re right. Let’s wait and see and hope for the dust of uncertainty to settle. Ameen to your duas. Your thoughts very appreciated 🙂

    @ Asma Jee … Yes, we are sorry that our land was used for the heinous act 😦

  9. Ayesha

    Depressive 😐

    No international match will be held in Pakistan for a long time 😦

    Thank God there weren’t Sri Lankan casualties.

  10. we all know who is behind this and want’s to strain sri lankan and pakistani relationship lol
    sounds typical but it’s the indians lol
    it’s another attempt to isolate pakistan from the rest of the world

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