Union Of Souls

Our longing gravitates
as much as the separation
widens and our souls
step out of their shells
to meet in the celestial heights.

Entwined in ecstatic trance
they satiate with the purity of bliss
before a glance at our parted bodies
stimulates their altruism for the grieved.

Our souls re-enter
their momentary abodes and
sprinkle the magic they hold
to soothe our craving bodies
until they themselves lose
their essence.

And the urge to rejuvenate
takes them by the hand
for another embrace.


8 thoughts on “Union Of Souls

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  2. Adil i just loved reading every bit of this poem it’s like quenching the pain of my soul…veryy beautiful, very touchy…love conquers both the world…shayad hum shayar jin ehsaason se guzerte hai aur jahaan tak pohonch sakte hai apne khayalon ki udaan lekar, i think u achieved the pinnacle of your thoughts.

    God bless you, i always relate emotionally to your poems..Allaah bless you with loads of happiness,Aur Allaah zor-e-kalam aur de…likhte rehna ur good at writing english poems..wish i could write like you in english.

  3. @ Cav .. Thank you man! I’m no less an admirer of your talent 🙂

    @ aarzoo .. Thank you so much! I’m very glad you liked the concept behind the poem. The mention of ‘soul’ is very stimulating and motivational for my senses especially when I’m feeling down in motivation. I’m indebted to you for your kind words of encouragement. May God bless you! 🙂

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