We Will Survive!

The water is too little
to help us survive,
so we devised the
Draculine ways
to do the life.

We have plenty of wells,
sprouting oceans
of blood to quench
our sadistic thirst.

Employing the vulturous
methods we wouldn’t die
of hunger of our desire
for the human flesh
is in abundance.

We will last forever!
They are naïve
to say that we
are in danger.


14 thoughts on “We Will Survive!

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  2. Asma Ahsan

    Cav says that as he doesnt get enough water in his unit! 😛

    Very well written – Its tough and honest about the harsh realities of life – you are right to say so as we have to face the truth in life.

  3. @ shivya .. Thank you so much!

    @ cav … ‘ Vulturous methods’ are so in use these days. Aren’t they? Thanks for the favorable comment!

    @ Asma Jee … The effects of global warming are everywhere, even in battlefields 😉
    Thanks for the comment!

  4. Cavaliere

    @ Asma Ahsan
    Ab saari dunya ko to nahi batayein k hamein paani bhi nahi milta yahan! 😀

    @ Aadil
    Yes, it’s established as a doctrine now — what a shame !
    Remember Bano Qudsiya’s “Raja Gidh” ? It portrays the same.

  5. Asma Ahsan

    Cav – Shor machaein ge to action liya jaaey ga – GEO STYLE! 🙂

    Aadil – Global warming – LOL – very diplomatic. 😛

  6. @ cav … Yes, Raja Gidh .. the classic .. Bano Qudsia is a real clairvoyant.

    @ Nayni .. Shukriya!! 🙂

    @ bliv_in_magic .. Thanks for liking it!

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