A Hurting Departure..

132883178_c00a26b0dcIt was fine then; when
your separation octopused
my soul and devoured
it calmly, stealthily.

Now, the departure of
your thoughts is hurting
the very place, which
placed them for eternity.

Do me a favor, if you can!
Tell them not to shout, not
to mock at the hollow
they forsake; tell them
leave it quietly to
a natural crumble,
brick by brick
to the ground!

Photo Courtesy: http://www.flickr.com


21 thoughts on “A Hurting Departure..

  1. Cavaliere

    Aadil this one is a masterpiece ! Really !! 🙂
    And the image compliments the poem nicely.
    I am sure that one day ouy firend will be an established poet 😉
    this part of the poem is so so beautifully written:
    Do me a favor, if you can!
    Tell them not to shout, not
    to mock at the hollow
    they forsake; tell them
    leave it quietly to
    a natural crumble,
    brick by brick
    to the ground!

    Excellent !! 🙂

  2. nick

    forgive me. 😦
    i m helpless to find words to admire your writing ability.
    i realy am.
    for me its your best poem so far.
    i think its bcoz thats what i realy want to say HER DO ME A FAVOR……….

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  4. @ nick .. Thank you 🙂 I won’t advise you to plead or indulge in matters of pain in such a tender age! You better explore the smiling, happier face of life. 🙂

    @ Kashkin .. Thank you sir! I value your appreciation 🙂

  5. I am in LOVE with this poem man…. There is something that has clicked me ..

    “tell them
    leave it quietly to
    a natural crumble…”

    These words can only be written when someone finally wants to get rid of all those elements that are sabotaging one’s efforts of finding inner peace. 🙂

    Very good sign 😉 😀

    Wysey now in our blogfamily we have three great poets …. Kashkin bhai , AAdil and Cavaliere…… Wah Jee Wah 😀

  6. @ Nayni .. So very thanks! I’m amazed at the positivity you brought out of an otherwise darker piece 🙂 You’re very right! Both of them are immensely talented. I just try to be the one 😉

  7. Asma Ahsan

    Aadil – You are seriously improving! Your words have a clarity in them now which means that your thoughts are getting very focussed and controlled. As time goes by and your thoughts get more organised, your life will get organised too. I can feel a sense of purpose in your poem. There is a note of authority in there now. That was missing in your writings before – as if you were unsure of your own thoughts.

    I am very impressed by this poem. It grabs the imagination! Great work!

  8. @ bmk .. Thank you dude! 🙂

    @ Asma jee .. Your words of encouragement are that of an authority and I’m very glad for them 🙂 I seriously hope for my life to get organized as you have sensed it from the poem. 🙂

    @ bliv_in_magic .. Did it! 🙂

    @nick .. Welcome brother!

  9. Asma Ahsan

    Its getting organised – I can see it in your writing, not just sensing it. I am very happy for you now that I see you becoming more in control of your present life! 🙂

  10. @ Asma jee .. you say, so! 🙂

    @ Ayesha … Thanks a lot! 🙂 Yes, you’re quite right! nothing lasts forever, yet one always craves to cling on to something that consoles ones emotions.

  11. I read this quite a few times before commenting. Beautiful lines, I must say. One just has to go through it all, to move on in life as it carries on ruthlessly.

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