We Will Survive!

The water is too little
to help us survive,
so we devised the
Draculine ways
to do the life.

We have plenty of wells,
sprouting oceans
of blood to quench
our sadistic thirst.

Employing the vulturous
methods we wouldn’t die
of hunger of our desire
for the human flesh
is in abundance.

We will last forever!
They are naïve
to say that we
are in danger.

You Hid I Seek ..

Call it prose, or a prose poem but it is rough for sure. Its more or less sort of a forced vent which had to be written and posted just for the sake of pouring out a random idea that lurked in my mind for a few days. Hope it isn’t offensive to those who expect better quality stuff from me.

When you hid behind a thick oak tree

in a childhood game of hide and seek,

that we played one dark eventide,

I never knew I’ll be rendered blind-folded

to grope for your touch for a lifetime to come.

You were abducted by time that plunders

in the ripe environs of swelling nights

as I bumped onto objects, muted and dumb,

hurting my heart which bled

leaving behind a trail of red

through the journey of passing years.

The map of my life is reminiscent to

the colors of the day of Valentine

which reminds me of the little

game of hide and seek that

we so fondly played in our childhood.

A ride on the back of time

541646505_bc780d8052I jumped onto the helm of time
and held the reins of desires
to start off a journey.

A mere trot changed
into racing gallops and it
shuffled each of the sights
I laid my gaze on, keeping
the thirst of my eyes unquenched.
I was shaken off my seat
every time the earth raised
its slumbering head under its hoofs.
Amid the chaos, wishes
turned into curses

I showed time the way,
but it brought me here instead;
to the brink of a world
colored in Grey, raring
to take me along to
the darker shades of obscurity.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.flickr.com

A Hurting Departure..

132883178_c00a26b0dcIt was fine then; when
your separation octopused
my soul and devoured
it calmly, stealthily.

Now, the departure of
your thoughts is hurting
the very place, which
placed them for eternity.

Do me a favor, if you can!
Tell them not to shout, not
to mock at the hollow
they forsake; tell them
leave it quietly to
a natural crumble,
brick by brick
to the ground!

Photo Courtesy: http://www.flickr.com

What I Like About Myself ..

Responsive Post For You’ve been tagged

‘Self praise is no recommendation’ they say, but analyzing one’s positive traits does help one inject confidence in oneself especially when one is feeling down in morals. What if one finds one bereft of anything positive? But since I’ve been asked to state things that I like in myself, I shouldn’t be worried whether they’re positive or not. I like in myself;

My Extremely Romantic Heart — The ocean of romance that I’ve been endowed with is exceptional I guess. I’ve never expressed it but it keeps bubbling inside my chest. It helps me feel the beauty in nature and in whatever form around me, to the full. This might have something to do with my concern for my family, friends and my country Pakistan.

My Other Self — Invisible to the world, he’s someone I befriend, loath, get inspired of, scold and talk endlessly with, in my solitude. I like him for he’s always been there even if I’m indifferent to him.

My Conscience — Amid the bouts of slumber, he’s this much aware to guard me from the clutches of some powerful beasts who are always on a lookout to entangle me. I’m happy he still exhibits signs of life even though he’s drowsy and I’m treading the jungle.

The list ends here I’m afraid!

Kash may itna acha ho jaoon keh may apni nahi balke dunya meri taareef karay, lakin tehrain, kya tareef samaitna zaroori hay? Nahi tau! lakin kya bura hay agar koi achay lafzon may yaad karay 😉